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Game Mode Review: Homefront

The Homefront event is kicking off in World of Tanks. A war is raging. Fight on two fronts against AI-controlled enemies, level up your divisions, and receive Improved Equipment and other rewards. Defend to the end!

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31 thoughts on “Game Mode Review: Homefront

  1. Great idea with awful implementation!
    I got screwed so many time by the MM… Why does a tier 3 player get matched with tier 2 and tier 1… and if you end up with a afk player, what do you do then ? and most of all why as a tier 3 I get matched on lower wave count ?!
    That basicly losses me 40-50 points even if I win…
    Also why is there only ones spawn point ? There should be 3 (left, center, right). I spawned in front of tigers and panthers a few times with no chance to get away and it was very frustrating!
    I suggest you guys take look at these problems for the next such event, because if its the same, I would rather ignore it.


  3. after playing 10-15 battles i must say i would rather watch paint dries than play more of this mode.

    60k battles player.

  4. How do I check my wins/losses in Homefront mode?

  5. Sounds good until you start playing it and realise you have to play every day, spend money to level up and even when you get to the top level lose every battle cos most of your team are level 1. Absolute joke. Plus I had a message saying I'd received 31 cans of fuel. I checked and they weren't there. I
    Sent a ticket in but no doubt I won't get a response until after the game made has finished.

  6. I hope more vehicles added in the mode will be more interesting ..
    Diversity is great .

  7. This is new aproach more futuristic and trill it should be more games or galons to play in start also hiden attacks play dominance and increase game wastly a multiplayer option in front line would be total trill in historic or imaginable batle in my case a squad off airplanes always deadly, you have to run off canon litle slower, rockets to fast, tigers with airplane suport deadly oweralž experience deadly fo tanks airplanes looks like prey birds anyway is a world off tanks game!

  8. bullshit A.I system
    i was not spotted and still they coul fire at me easily
    and what with the turret of those bot??the rotation is like instant 180'???
    fix your freaking system dumbasses

  9. Where the hell is the feature that allows you to stay alive a few sec after your vehicle being destroy ?

  10. So couple days in, there is no way to get any to unlock the special equipment without paying real life money.Nearly all my matches I get uptiered. How the F am I supposed to play a tier 3 game with 4 tier 1 players because the fifth player has spent money on your broken game. You guys dont care about the game, you only care about your wallets

  11. *camp till the end.

  12. these bots keeps snapshooting you and never miss so fix them WG

  13. Fix your playerbase before adding "teamwork modes", you got no chance with bots in both teams

  14. trash game mode….

  15. This mode is shet, at least when playing with randoms. You can do 6-8K dmg per match, still have 2 tanks left and still lose, cuz your team is just trash… 10 times in a row…feels like bots vs bots, except the enemy bots are better.

  16. It would be much cooler for this event to last longer and have more fronts. Like germam front se we play germans.

  17. You mode is impossible!!! The bots tanks just aim so fast, I never win any games so far. Well play WOT

  18. it would be fun if you could win at least one, to cooperate with random players are you kidding me? anyway good idea but once again impossibly hard i will pass this one

  19. A great idea once again ruined with a terrible P2W system and MM issues

  20. Now I know what ww2 soviet tankers felt 0_0

  21. Please implement a Permanent PvE Gamemode.

  22. wat een lul verhaal. Stomme geld verslindende game

  23. I really wanted this mode since my life had started.

    So Please give me Gold tank please

  24. The biggest problem with that Mode is MM – when you see in one battle allies with 1st and 2nd rank or even 1st and 3rd – where is the point, there is no chance to survive 10 waves of enemys in your Valentine or Matilda… Especially with low amount of fuel, every battle conuts.

  25. Fix the mm. Fed up of being at level 1 with my tier 3 tanks, ending up in games with level 3 players facing much more waves. And the fuel mechanic to limit how much you can play is stupid. Oh wait I can spend gold to get more fuel and other crap I don't need just to be able to play more..

  26. I want to play as the Germans fighting to defend Berlin!!!

  27. It gets boring after 10 battles

  28. Wg can repair this
    Players 300 dmg 😡 in 3 tanks!
    Team lose…

  29. Not worth it, only loses in each battle. The Tiger and Panther are finally good…. To bad in this mode and you have to face them.

  30. 6:15

  31. you like it that you can play this mode only 4 times per day???? its stupid, if you pay, u can play more, ggreedy WG -.–

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