Game of Thrones 8×01 RECAP & REVIEW – “Winterfell”

Game of Thrones 8×01 Recap & Review
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GAME OF THRONES 8×01 RECAP & REVIEW – “Winterfell”
Jon Snow rides a dragon, Sam tells Jon who his parents are, Jon Snow finds out who his parents are, Tyrion is reunited with Sansa, Arya reunited with Gendry and The Hound, Sansa meets Daenerys
Game of Thrones Season 8 Episode 1 ”Winterfell” reaction, review, recap, commentary & theories by Katie Wilson.

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0 thoughts on “Game of Thrones 8×01 RECAP & REVIEW – “Winterfell”

  1. Oh how quickly Katie's optimism was snuffed out after a few episodes later. It's so sad that the creators rushed the ending of this amazing show… : (

  2. I think it was fitting for Jon to learn how to ride a dragon on Rhaegal because the dragon is named for his father Rhaegar.

  3. Daenerys ALREADY agreed to fight for the north before jon bent the knee so yeah she would sacrifice her crown for her people

  4. Couldn't agree less. Episode was a complete waste of awkward looks instead of advancing the story. Should have had a cold opening with the Night King at the last hearth. There was basically no new information either than Cersei sending Bron to kill her brothers. The dialogue was predictable and too tongue in chhek. You gout 6 freaking episodes we dont need an hour long reunion summary

  5. When Bran said that he's not Jon's brother, he was referring to the fact he now the three eyed raven so he's not really Bran anymore.

  6. Surprised that no one has mentioned "Eddie" getting scorched by Drogo. (Mentioned in the Bronn scene … "did you hear about the ginger boy? … he no longer has eyelids!" Most don't recall the scene where Ed Sheeran sings "Hands of Gold are always cold …. " while Arya is riding up.

    And another GoT trivia tidbit … Tyrion told Bronn, "I'll double it" with regards to Cersei's hiring of Bronn as his and Jaime's assassin. If Bronn plays his cards right, he might end up with four times the gold Cersei paid him (and keep Cersei's gold too!)

  7. I personally do not think anyone will be on the Iron Throne by the shows end. So much death, backstabbing and suffering just for whomever felt their claim was the most legitimate for that thing? A sure "breaking of the wheel" would be satisfying albeit slightly foreseeable ending for this kind of show.

  8. I think in the end either Cersie will kill Tyrion and Jaime will kill her then he'll die shortly after or maybe Arya wearing Jaimes face will kill Cersie and then Bronn will kill Arya.

  9. I really like your exuberance and appreciate your reviews. 17 million tuned in/streamed in for the return of this great series. On another note, with all due respect, be careful not to come across as an asexual millennial chick. You didnt want Cersei to sleep with Euron and thought she could keep "dangling the thread" and you dont see Arya as having an intimate relationship with Gendry because she has so many other things to do (as if sex comes from not having other things to do) lol. Good job though, keep it going!

  10. I think that Bronn will die. Like he will be hesitating at the moment he meets Tyrion and Jaimie to kill them, and ends up killed by someone. I hope not because he's one of my favourite characters…

  11. Cersei wants people to believe the baby is Euron's for some reason, probably because she can't admit it's her brother's especially since she just put a hit out on him. That's why she did the extra nasty with Euron.

  12. Jon son of Erik rode his first dragon well. Dany was as stern and practical as any rider in Bendrn Weyr. Favorite screne was Drogon. That menacing look is the feeling I wsnt to convey when my kid's dates come around. One of my kids named the little boy Jack after Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians. I warned her not to get attached. Poor girl had to learn the hard way. My oldest said "Welcome to Westeros." 🙂

  13. I laughed and screamed every minutes of the episode. All it was just basically a reunion episode. My favourite moment is not Arya and Jon actually, it was the awkward moment between Jaime and Bran

  14. I also think jamie, the old friend, is in bran's debt, that he owes him. So I'm figuring he is going to do something that he knows his family including arya would never do, just hunch.

  15. I know this may sound corny and it probably is, but wonder if they dragon knew who jon snow really is. And I don't mean his true nature but that he is the true king. That is why he was looking at him so intently.

  16. Love you recaps Katie! So much negativity on YouTube so its nice to see how positive you are. you love of GoT truly shines. Cant wait until the next episode. I also hope Arya and the hound have another moment as well as Sansa/Tyrion.

  17. I first started watching Game of Thrones because of your videos! Really happy your recap/reviews are back! I love your positivity and enthusiasm for GoT. Looking forward to more vids!

  18. See, I took Bran saying he’s not Jon’s brother as him being the three eyed raven. Same way he says he’s not/can’t be the lord of Winterfell last season

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