Game Topper Game Mats – Product Review

In today’s board game product review, we are taking a look at Game Mats from Game Toppers LLC.

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0 thoughts on “Game Topper Game Mats – Product Review”

  1. I appreciate that you followed the proper rules when you were playing Carcassonne in the video, it's those little details that make good videos great!

  2. Speaking as a cartographer–and contra the Dragon's Tomb whose representation of our industry exaggerated our demise–I just want to thank Game Toppers for seeking to represent those among us who game. Well, the few…no, it's just me. However, the parchment map paints a picture of our work that grossly misrepresents the modern state of cartographic research. I really needed a mat depicting my multiple monitor setup and custom ESRI layout, or better yet depicting the desk surface with my WACOM tablet, mechanical keyboard, and mouse. So, thank you to Dragon's Tomb for pointing out that weakness; and if you have the opportunity, please issue a correction regarding the current state of the cartographic industry.

  3. Take that people that don't stick around until the end of the video o.O… Also my mats do the same thing. I keep sending them back for returns and it never resolves the issue :(. Looking forward to the rocket ship mat though for when I do my daily astronaut activities.

  4. Loved this video . . . until the midway point. Great first half, but the second half was just explaining the joke and didn't land at all. (But seriously, the first half was GREAT.)

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