Greedfall Review (PC) | Greedfall Is A Bargain Bucket BioWare Game

Greedfall is a bargain bucket BioWare game: a third-person action RPG with heavy emphasis on companions, decision making and quests with multiple outcomes. It’s all a bit shonky, but is there enough good to make it worth playing? Find out in this Greedfall review (played and recorded on PC).

We will have a full Greedfall PC review on Rock Paper Shotgun: The Site in a few days – this is the video team’s Greedfall review. Astrid has been bashing her way through a strange colonial fantasy world to see if Spider’s RPG fills the BioWare-shaped hole in our lives. It may be a budget version of what those EA mega dollars can afford, but there’s no reason it can’t deliver everything we want from the genre. As this Greedfall test explains, this is a pretty good impression of a Dragon Age-style adventure: there’s fun customisation, a bit of combat heft and a few cultural complexities to make you scratch your head.

The Greedfall story is both an asset and a flaw: it dunks you in a mix of interesting cultures to unpick, but a few of the bigger story developments feel like honking great cliches. Our Greedfall analysis picks through it without offering much in the way of spoilers. As you can see from the Greedfall PC gameplay, it has some nice art design, but won’t redefine virtual beauty, especially with a handful of weird bugs and the like. We can look past that stuff for our Greedfall impressions.

So, the Greedfall verdict? Nice ideas, but slightly budget execution. It’s meaty enough diversion – Greedfall length won’t rival things like Skyrim, but it’ll happily fill a week or two of adventuring, even more if you want to try and appease the various Greedfall companions or experience their romances. It’s not the shiniest new RPG on the block, but it is a new RPG, which for fans of the genre might be enough. If you have played the game yourself, do share your Greedfall reviews in the comments below. And if you enjoyed this review, why not watch out other reviews, here’s a juicy selection of PC reviews from recent months…

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0 thoughts on “Greedfall Review (PC) | Greedfall Is A Bargain Bucket BioWare Game

  1. This isn’t a AAA game, it’s a AA game, so naturally there are some things that aren’t very refined. A lot of that comes down to budget and the size of the dev team. Despite that they have actually made a game that BioWare should envy as it’s the kind of RPG they USED to make.

    The studio has managed to produce a rich and interesting world with diverse cultures, religions, and ideologies. Unlike a lot of RPGs the side quests are actually enjoyable, and thank God there aren’t any fetch-quests! Great lore, good writing, engaging quests, and interesting characters.

    The game is very much a blend of The Witcher and Dragon Age, which is a well earned comparison. It’s a pretty detailed world and I think it’s clear the devs will make this into a series. But because it is the first entry in a potential series there are legitimate criticisms that they will learn from. Hell, they seem to have learned from Technomancer’s failures! It is pretty ironic to call it a ‘bargain bucket BioWare game’, when BioWare’s own games recently have been atrocious. Regardless though, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, The Witcher, and The Elder Scrolls, all had very risky and faulty first entries. You’re definitely entitled to your opinion and I respect you for putting your reviews out, it’s just a little odd though that you didn’t like the game when it has so many great qualities. Did you rush through it? Perhaps you’re experiencing a bit of gaming fatigue?

  2. Maybe the real reason why the npcs sometimes forget the proper gender pronoun is because you made your character look so "man-nish." A rough tough bald woman can be mistaken for a man.

  3. People of the world plsss stop compering this game to some triple A games. I know you all be like its a "comparison to some other RPG cuz it's an RPG game" I know that but when you first see who's developing this game and do some research do you still put the HIGH bars/hope that this game will be like witcher 3 or dragon age game cuz if you do you did not research at all.

  4. The one thing I like about "bargain bucket" games is that their controls are usually better than the more expensive games that just use sluggish mocap animations for everything and make controlling the character a hassle.

  5. Dragon Age 2 had some of the same problems (recycled enviroments for example). Is Greedfall comparable to that? I was one of the people who could overlook Dragon Age 2 flaws so I would buy this if it is of similar quality.

  6. It is not missgendering in the provided example … You are not the alchemist… The male alchemist you are freeing is. 😔

  7. I like this game too the overall quests are very well writen and the skill and char level machanics are great. But the overall gameworld is not that great lot of recycelt rooms,enemies and so. The scenario is great and i hope they stick to it and do a second game with the same char level system and skill system but with a better and more variet gameworld

  8. Dude, has this reviewer even played a Bioware game since 2009? If you were being honest, you could say this is a rather unique RPG experience in 2019, with the spirit, if not the huge budgets of the old Bioware games of yore.

  9. it is annoying when you reviewers expect a double a game with a studio of 40 people to be on the same level as a AAA game with hundreds of Developers/this game is the best double a RPG in a long time

  10. You claim the game isn't better than bioware classics, but what are? Only game to come to mind that rivals bioware classic is Witcher 3. The sad truth is this is better than anything bioware has put out in almost a decade.

  11. Quite enjoyed the review and I'm still gonna get this game as I'll take a bargain bucket Bioware over whatever it is Bioware have become now. You've made me want to go back and Mass Effect for the umpteenth time as well haha. Great work Astrid.

  12. Anthem and Andromeda were bargain bucket Bioware. What this is is a Witcher 1 or a Mass Effect 1 , it's the beginning of possibly a new series. That with some love and support could grow into the next big thing. But gaming journalism has to either appear overly PC (Kotaku), or pompously edgy (Rock Paper Shotgun) with no care towards the player base, or the devs, it's all about the clicks.

  13. That character is really butch, anyone could mistake her for a "he". If you actually created a female that looked feminine then your objections would be more understandable.

  14. If you find you never use the tactical pause option and that it makes no difference what companions you bring along… then did you consider maybe you're playing on a difficulty that's too low? Using tactical pause and carefully balancing your party and making sure it's well synergized are things you do in order to beat the challenge of combat. If you don't need them, you're not being challenged. Some people don't like to be challenged and that's fine, but it's hardly the game's fault if you play on a difficulty where some combat tools are unnecessary.

  15. Looks like Any other assassins shit creed. Bioware's fantasy games has never been interesting.
    Great review. Burn those bad rpgs like a witchfinder

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