43 thoughts on “Hôm nay mình ăn nhà hàng Cơm Hến nổi tiếng ở Huế

  1. Hopefully you can post you eating Vietnamese food on your main channel! We understand a little bit of Vietnamese but it's not the most attractive sounding language; esp northern accent haha
    4:07 for the English Menu. He basically eats the first three dishes: clams with rice noodles, rice then wheat noodles.
    19:10 Banh Bot Loc which is tapioca 'dumpling' normally with shrimp or meat

  2. bro can someone please add english captions to this? I feel like im missing a portion of quang's content since i was looking forward to more vietnamese cuisine on his main channel

  3. Hey bro, I have a suggesstion to tell you. In Vietnmese culture, when you talk with the older while eating , you should not open your mouth when chewing. Please don't make any sounds, do it slowly and more polite. If not, people will judge you as a rude man ! Anyway, I still love your videos ! ^^

  4. Người huế thấy quang ăn còn thèm, muốn ăn bún bò Huế ngon thì ghé bún bò huế cây gòn đường Nguyễn sinh cung gần chổ quang ăn cơm hến đó

  5. Nếu anh đọc đc commen này vào lúc 10h đêm thì hãy tìm và ăn thử bánh mì cầu Trường Tiền đi ạ

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