How to beat a Jet Lag | 6 best tips of an airline pilot

Hello my Aviator,

welcome on board of my YouTube channel PilotPatrick. I get this question asked so many times: How to deal with a jet lag, how to prevent or ease a jet lag. That is why I have decided to make a video about it. I share important guidelines you should follow and six tips how to deal with a jet lag.

Luckily I do not have to worry about jet lags as pilot yet. Primarily I am flying in Europe and the time zone difference is negligible. On my private trips I have experienced jet lags many times.

I take you on board of Lufthansa’s Premium Economy class in the Airbus A380 on a flight from Miami to Frankfurt. During the journey I show you the cabin and the seat of the Premium Economy and I share with you everything you have to know about a jet lag.

What is your tip for dealing with a jet lag? Let me know and comment below.

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Safe travels and happy landings

Your PilotPatrick

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Hello Aviator!
I am Patrick from Germany and I am a captain. After flying a Business Jet, I am now type rated on the A300. Since September 2016 I have been blogging about my pilot life and my healthy lifestyle. Besides many travel tips you will find posts about aviation and my travels around the world.

Safe travels and happy landings!

Your PilotPatrick

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35 thoughts on “How to beat a Jet Lag | 6 best tips of an airline pilot

  1. Hey my Aviators, time for a new video about one of the most asked questions. How to fight jet lag?! Hope you can learn from my tips for your next long range flight! Do you struggle with jet lag? For more answers to FAQs check my blog on:

  2. After landing at the destination I always force myself to have breakfast lunch and dinner according to the destination’s time-zone, even if I’m tired. No jetlag in the last 6 years of long-haul travel for me

  3. I am a pretty frequent flyer. Always between Frankfurt and San Francisco and I gotta say eastbound is DEFINITELY harder on one’s sleeping cycle.
    Jetlag guaranteed, definitely from the Westcoast to Germany, I can imagine that Eastcoast flights might be a little easier to cope with.
    My way to cope with it is try to stay active.
    Try to stay up at daytime obviously and try to sleep at night. Even if it’s just a couple of hours. As a matter of fact I just landed in Fra a couple of days ago, so I am still having a slight jetlag.
    Went to bed at around 2 am and slept until 5 am, so only 3 hours.
    Going to try to stay up all day today and be active, this should be my last day of jetlag for I am starting to get sleep at night, even if it’s just a couple of hours

  4. Alle guten Tipps. Was wahrscheinlich die meisten interessiert ist. Sich der Zeitumstellung vor Ort direkt anpassen heißt wenn sein muss 24h wach bleiben um vorhandenen Rythmus anzunehmen oder doch schlafen auch tagsüber weil man zu fertig vom reisen u Unterschied ist?

  5. Hey könntest du einmal das Spiel Airline Commander testen? Es ist eine „reale Flugsimulation“ und wollte wissen wie es sich vom Echten ähnelt
    Ist für iOS&Android erhältlich

  6. Hi! I have a question about flying. How do pilots deal with the pain in the ear whilst landing? It happens everytime I land, but not so much when I take off. Do you know why? 🤔

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