I Watched Netflix’s Tall Girl So You Don’t Have To


Netflix’s new film Tall Girl stars Ava Michelle, Sabrina Carpenter, Griffin Gluck, and Luke Eisner. The story is about a tall teenager who finds herself in a love triangle and discovers there’s more to herself than her insecurities about her height. I talk about what worked and didn’t work in the film Tall Girl.

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20 thoughts on “I Watched Netflix’s Tall Girl So You Don’t Have To”

  1. In my country it’s not the girls who get bullied for being taller than everyone else in the class it’s the boys who get bullied and teased.(*´꒳`*)

  2. I'm from the Netherlands, where almost everyone's a giant, so I can't go 'being tall isn't such a big deal' seeing as I'm 5'9 myself
    But it did feel they overexagerated her height being such a big deal

  3. Just finished this movie and it was awful. I'd say why but I don't want to rant in this comment section. My two biggest problems are that Jodie is self centered and never apologizes for it, and the doormat best friend love interest trope. Also I live in New Orleans not only did they not have the culture that's not what the high schools look like. It's not really something that annoyed me but the location was irrelevant in this movie so there was no point in bringing it up.

  4. If you hardcore ship Jodi and Jack or whatever his name is (dunkleman? is that his name? Imma call him jack idc) , then there's a TRIGGER WARNING

    In my opinion,
    It was….bearable to watch. One of the things that definitely makes me annoyed, is THE ENDING. I HATED THE ENDING. I think Stig was genuinely a good guy and deserved Jodi, but he got screwed over by Kimmy. It happens to every new kid if they're with "popular" people. You feel like if you do something wrong, they will make your life hell. And in some cases it's true. But Jack? In my opinion, he is very selfish and manipulative. Jack literally manipulated his way to Jodi's heart. He did everything in his power to stop Jodi and Stig's potential relationship, from influencing Stig to betray her to be "popular", sitting in between them during the movie scene etc. If he truly loved her he'd let her go. ESPECIALLY if this "crush" of his was since elementary. Like come on.

    Otherwise I loved everything else. I found Sabrina's character to be hilarious. That's pretty much it.

    So yea this is just my opinion 🙂

    have a nice day 😀

  5. she was an asshole to her friends. how she gonna complain about her hardships as a “tall girl” to her friend who is a BLACK WOMAN and not apologize once for treating her like trash. Also, treated her parents like trash who were trying to help her. Told a guy who bought her shoes that she was never gonna wear them to his face. she is a skinny, good-looking, rich, privileged white girl that constantly felt sorry for herself. girl i can’t…

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