Indian Bikes Were NOT ALLOWED into BHUTAN… | Monsoon Problems

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With much excitement, we left from Kalimpong to make our way to the Indo-Bhutan border at Phuentsholing. The monsoon finally caught up with us and some of the roads along the way were flooded. But, that wasn’t the worst news. Once we reached Phuentsholing, the process of obtaining permits to get ourselves and our motorcycles across the border and into Bhutan proved to be quite a bitter and unpleasant experience. We waited for two days, but were not issued road permits for the bikes because of inclemental weather. That part was just bad luck, but the whole process in which interactions occurred during this process left us with quite a few sour experiences. This was disappointing, but one thing is for sure. I will go back to Bhutan some other time!


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34 thoughts on “Indian Bikes Were NOT ALLOWED into BHUTAN… | Monsoon Problems”

  1. These Bhutanese are roaming around all over India. But when you will be there, they will not treat you well. They are very rude, don't know how to behave and they consider you as nobody.

  2. maderchud bhutanio ki gand me charbi jam gai bhosriwale agar india security support hata le to china bhutaniyo ka ma bahen chod ke bhutan ko v china bana dega.

  3. You are making unnessasry issue. I returned 15 days back from thimphu. Lots of landslides on thimpu highway. It's for your safety idiot

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