Is COD Modern Warfare Worth Buying? | Call of Duty MW 2019 Review

Is Call of Duty Modern Warfare Worth buying? I give COD MW a review and give details on why it’s worth getting and if you should get it or not. Call of Duty Modern Warfare will be out October.

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Full COD Modern Warfare Game Modes and Feature List:

– Capture The Flag
– Domination
– Kill Confirmed
– Headquarters
– Ground War
– Hardpoint
– Search & Destroy
– Gun Game
– 2v2 gunfight OSP
– Infection
– Gunfight
– Cyber Attack
– Team Deathmatch
– War
– Cross Play with PC, PS4, and Xbox
– Singleplayer Campaign


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0 thoughts on “Is COD Modern Warfare Worth Buying? | Call of Duty MW 2019 Review”

  1. Based on gameplay I saw the game really had my attention but here is my problem:

    60 bucks usually don't get you the full game and there is no real reason to get invested because in one year the next installment is out and the majority of players moves on. So you either join at the very beginning or just stay away. On top of that the pc version usually is sub par and screams console port… CoD4 was the last one I really enjoyed and that's 12 years ago by now.

  2. Never really was a big cod fan. Played both bo1 and bo2 for probably 5 hours in total. First cod i really played, was WW2, but got bored quickly and after that i played bo4 cause i got it for free with my Monitor. And thats pretty much my cod experience

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