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Katana Zero Review | (Nintendo Switch/PC)

Following the style of one hit kill action games, Katana Zero takes you on a wild adventure as you dodge bullets, grunts and everything in between. It’s a game that’s short, sweet while focusing on trial and error, both for better and for worse.

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16 thoughts on “Katana Zero Review | (Nintendo Switch/PC)

  1. I got it on sale for $12

  2. Currently Indie GOTY… Pure love was poured into this game

  3. This game is a bite size masterpiece. Amazing style and presentation and great gameplay.
    I'd ove to see an anime or even a movie based on its amazing consept.

  4. Hotline Miami 3

  5. I'm picking it up next week. Can't wait to try the game for myself

  6. This game looks super fun, gotta love a game that’s reminiscent of an SNES game. Even if I don’t get a code I’m buying this.

  7. Those blue Joy cons tho…

  8. Man, even the simple animations in this game like The Dragon blowing the steam off his teacup are phenomenal. Great review as always ⭐️

  9. 2D bullet-time??!Neo would be proud.

  10. I’d seen the nindies announcement for this game & was interested. Glad to see it’s getting good reviews everywhere. I’ll be picking it up.

  11. This, Cuphead and Zelda VR! Awesome!

  12. It looks like a really awesome game! Will have to check it out 👌

  13. I'll indeed check this game out it reminds me a lot of Ninja Gaiden back in the late 1980's & you're so freaking close to 60k subscribers hope you get more soon.

  14. Another great game on switch. I'm usually into games with great soundtracks (like furi or Celeste)
    BTW I have some issues verying the tweets =/

  15. I've been playing it non-stop since this morning. I loved it 😍

  16. I have already completed it and holy shit! This game was amazing! This is easy my favourite game of 2019 so far. Im gonna replay the game to unlock all the secrets abilities and go through all the dialogue. Trust me this game is worth the money

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