Law of the Land: The Supreme Court’s Year in Review

If ever there was a year to pay close attention to the Supreme Court, this was it.

Thane Rosenbaum brings a diverse panel of highly qualified experts—Trevor Morrison, Dean of NYU Law School, Slate’s Mark Stern, CNN’s Ariane de Vogue and Reuters Andrew Chung—to delve into the cases decided this past term, the Kavanaugh Confirmation hearings, providing edifying context and exploring the political, social and civil implications.

Recorded on July 2, 2019 at 92nd Street Y.

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2 thoughts on “Law of the Land: The Supreme Court’s Year in Review”

  1. ver y jui sea LA r  D  z h I G it pic L

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    so they target people hu they say did not show up in court at 4 year mark si they deport those after they establish in 4 years

  2. WHITE PAPERS  and A PERMANENT TRUTH COMMISSIONWe need to write White Papers on the Roles of our Armed Forces , our Judiciary , our various Governments , our Political Parties , our Leaders , our Media , our Beauracracy , our various MInIstries , our Rangers , our Agencies  , our Leas ,our Police , our Media , our Mothers , our Teachers , our Madaris , our Ulemas , our Labour , our Corporate Sector , our Business Tycoons , our Entrepreneurs and about our common Public. not to punish but to reform, to learn about our strengths and weakness , about our Potential as a self regulated Nation.

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