Man of Medan Review

It’s not easy to keep everyone alive in Man of Medan, and you won’t necessarily want to, especially in 2-player co-op.

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0 thoughts on “Man of Medan Review”

  1. For me, this game have a lot of merits and charms Until Dawn.

    ENDING: Man of Medan doesn't show you the same ending of a Lodge blowing up over and over again.

    MULTIPLAYER: The game Co-op mode is actually fun since it makes you connect with people because do you trust your partner's QTE skills?

    MULTIPLE BRANCHES: The game have a more branching storyline and ending than Until Dawn itself especially once you unlocked the Curator's Cut.

    LENGTH OF THE GAME: The game is the correct length if you plan to play it multiple times for different endings, choices, and even with different people. It's also the right lenght especially if you are doing movie night. Some people find it hard to schedule a 5 hour game night, much less an 8 hour one.

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