MORTAL KOMBAT 11 IS A TOTAL MESS: A Very Detailed Review

Mortal Kombat 11 is a good fighting game, a bad video game, and a terrible Mortal Kombat game.

Gameplay: What I Love = 1:30
Gameplay: What I Don’t Love So Much = 5:12
The Special Moves Inputs Rant = 8:58
Kurrency System & Rewards = 10:39
Kustomization = 13:00
The Krypt = 17:55
Klassic Towers = 23:14
Towers of Time = 24:30
Towers of Time/Living Towers vs Challenge Tower = 27:58
Story Mode (No Spoilers) = 30:22
Story Mode (Spoilers) = 31:01
Always Online = 41:26
Controversy Surrounding the Game = 42:09

Special shout out to my friend Dekarchos a.k.a. Nick for helping me get some additional footage of MK9 and MKX.


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0 thoughts on “MORTAL KOMBAT 11 IS A TOTAL MESS: A Very Detailed Review”

  1. personally, I can look past most of the issues you talk about. I adore this game, and here's why. I play mostly single player, occasionally picking up kombat league. I like playing the towers of time, and have a lot of fun with them, especially the character specific ones, as I can earn stuff for my favorite characters (scorpion and Sonya). the points you make about wearing you down through difficulty and bullshit modifiers i generally disagree with, except for the boss matches. I also adore the fatal blow system, as it does require some skill to pull off. for example, a 11 teleport mb forward 3 2 mb spear to fatal blow. but some are very fast and can get you from fullscreen (jax). I can also look past the cosmetic issue, as I realy like the artstyle for the game, and it feels good to see my characters with different looks. and i don't mind the no custom variations for competetive, as you wont get bullied by shitty moves. But seriously dude, absolutely loved this video, and you earned a sub from me.

  2. The video was great but Isn't this a Fighting Game?So we should pay attention more to characters,moves,special moves,and Fatalities
    Some peoples are Thinking it's a Fashion game,And they care more About appearance of characters,I know the skins should be badass,but they are not even nerfed!

  3. Been playing the series since debut. Loved mk9 and mkx to bits. Cannot get into mk11. Too slow, too combo restrictive. Endless grindfest for color patterns across a handful of dull skins. Easily the biggest letdown of the year for me personally. Could tell during development they had veered too far from what made the previous 2 games great. I wont even watch tournaments for this game. Utterly dull and boring.

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