NEW Nintendo Switch Unboxing + Review

Nintendo has finally released their new Nintendo Switch to the public. If you’re looking to pick up the Nintendo Switch V2, we have a link below that will help you find it at Walmart or other stores. The new Nintendo Switch 2 was a silent release and is set to be available “around mid-August”. If you’re looking for everything that’s new with the Nintendo Switch refresh, stay tuned to this channel!

Link to check if the New Nintendo Switch is in stock near you:

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15 thoughts on “NEW Nintendo Switch Unboxing + Review”

  1. Not sure if u have The switch online service (it’s $20 a year, and it could really use a ton of work for the quality of some online games but I find myself needing it to play Super Smash Bros. Ultimate sense I only play online) but if you have that you should download the nes app. There’s a game called adventures of lolo, which is gets better the more you play it. The controls felt shitty at first, but it’s understandable after you get harder puzzles and tolerable with the rewind and save state features.

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