Nintendo Land: The Wii U’s One of a Kind Launch Title – Austin Eruption

Nintendo Land, a Wii U launch title time might forget. One we won’t see on the Nintendo Switch.
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So here’s something a bit different! I always thought that Nintendo Land was one heck of a cool game and something really unique for the time. The Wii U, while a memory for most was a really cool concept that had trouble delivering, but in retrospect did okay with what it tried. Except Paper Mario. And Mario Tennis.


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26 thoughts on “Nintendo Land: The Wii U’s One of a Kind Launch Title – Austin Eruption

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    Also hey, hope you enjoyed the video. It's been uh… a while since I talked about something Nintendo related, SO here's a question of the day!

    What's your favorite launch title?

  2. Hempuli, who made BaBa is you, also made Environmental Station Alpha, which is a superb Metroid game. There is a sequel coming soon, so I hope you check that out!

  3. Didn't get Nintendoland so I missed out on all this. I got my Wii U close to a year later. It was the Zelda bundle that came with a Zelda gamepad, a digital copy of Wind Waker HD and a digital Hyrule Historia. Would've really preferred WW physical.

  4. It's not a matter of "The Wii U has no value since its best titles are being ported to Switch". It's a matter of "Would you rather spend 60$ to own Tropical Freeze on Switch…or 15$ to own it on Wii U?".

  5. Honestly my favourite game on the wii u was nintendo land. It had such a cute vibe and it was so much fun to play with my family.
    It's a shame it can't be ported to the switch.

  6. I believe there are good demo games and bad demo games. Nintendoland is a good demo game. This game allows you to see all the things the Wii U can do, not just with the game pad, but the Wiimotes as well. What makes this demo game even more impressive is that it uses the famous Nintendo franchises, like Super Mario Bros., Yoshi's World, Legend of Zelda, Metroid and Pikmin to demo the Wii U's capability. It's almost like Nintendo is showing the fanboy all the potential Wii U games that could come out for the console. This game provides a wide array of game genres, which can be played as single player, cooperative multiplayer and competitive multiplayer. For the hardcore game, he has high scores and medals he can chase after. No wonder this game become a Nintendo Select, beside the fact it was the first game packaged with the Wii U. If you're only going to have 1 game for the Wii U, this is the game to have.

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