Nintendo Switch Dock Replacement Shell Install/Review

As much as I love the switch’s dock it is not very portable and there are legitimate concerns of it scratching the screen and overheating the console during long periods of use. So I did a quick ebay search and found replacement shells are pretty cheap and provide a much more portable form factor all while using the original electronics so no worry about bricking the switch like with 3rd party docks! In this video we take a look at how to disassemble the original dock, install the guts into the replacement shell, and just how well it works.

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20 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch Dock Replacement Shell Install/Review”

  1. I installed an AGS 101 screen in an original GBA yesterday. Worst soldering job I've ever done. Works though and lights up just as bright as a regular SP.

  2. Excellent job with the replacement Shawn I love your DUI projects especially on Game Boys and do you think you can do a DUI project on the Nintendo switch sometime soon my compadre 😎💪.

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