0 thoughts on “Oakland Raiders vs Denver Broncos Week One 2019 Game Review

  1. Abram is out for the season. He played reckless and it costed him the remainder of the season and not to mention that Conley will miss the next game as well. KC will have a field day with you guys this week, so expect to receive a serious ass whooping this upcoming Sunday.

  2. Terrible news bro my d boy is possibly out for season abram! Torn labrum rotator no!! We better get jalen ramsey or minkah fitzpatrick i hope ramsey share the news please darn it bummed!

  3. Thanks to the Denver defense for providing Carr and the WR's with much needed target practice, week 2 is a must win but it's better going in 1-0 than 0-1

  4. Great game by the Raiders. Great balance on d and offense. Now let's string them together and keep it going.


  6. Yeah them donkey fans was hella talking shit and in particular there was this one dude who i challenged to come back to the comment thread after the game was over and that bitch ass was nowhere to be found. I know his ass seen my comments too cause I tagged his bitch ass, and he was quick to reply before the game happened so I know for a fact he got those notifications of me tagging him. Fuck AB RNFL

  7. Everybody in the damn media was talking shit saying we couldn’t do anything that the donkeys was gonna whoop us; now they’re making Excuses for the donkeys but if we were to of lost they’d be saying we’re trash 🤷🏽‍♂️🤷🏽‍♂️ let’s get that 2-0 this Sunday crush the chiefs

  8. How about them Raiders!! We looked so crisp!! 12-4.. Jacobs is a monster give that man 30 touches next week! Just win baby!
    12-4 bro

  9. Hey brah you got to go easy on the sheep. But if you can’t I understand this sheep is showing up to eat his crow. I still think Antonio Brown would’ve made this offense magical but hell after last night you’re right though it already has some magic. When lose or tie raiders till I die!

  10. Bro if you didn't watch the game didn't witness how Jacob got the yards that he got. you didn't see why you're offensive line was so good you didn't see how your team created their new chemistry on game. You whole video is redundant and you shouldn't even have an opinion about the game #NFLNetwork. step your game up. #ABSUPERBOWL #noplayoffnation

  11. Fuk the queefs as long we ball out with 80% of your 8 keys 👍🏼and keep mahomes in check we will be gooch,,,,tyreek hill hurt bruh

  12. Our Raiders done good, Watts
    Our rookies played Ike men and our Free Agents cracked heads. ☠️
    The best part was when the whole Coliseum started chanting,“ FUCK AB!!!”
    My fam at home was 4D in the Black Hole and howling FUCK AB with WOLVES !!!
    Keep on killing it, Watts!!!

  13. Good to see you bro sorry you couldn't kick back and watch the game I enjoyed myself watching that game.
    Good to see that we beat them in that fashion we could have easily just squeaked out a win but we showed we're a force and we're just getting started. RNFL

  14. Raiders looked good! Rookies played well. We moving in the right direction. Tyrell looked like a probowler and Carr looks like he's on a mission. he knew exactly where to go with the ball everytime

  15. Great game by the Raiders. Great balance on d and offense. Now let's string them together and keep it going.

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