Oculus Quest Honest Review 5 Days Later | Oculus Quest

In this video I give my honest opinion and review of the Oculus Quest. The Oculus quest is the first VR headset that doesn’t require a computer to offer 6 degrees of freedom. The Oculus Quest is completely wireless and offers an affordable way to enter into the world of virtual reality. The Oculus Quest is portable and allows you to share this incredible technology anywhere you go. The Oculus Quest has given me the ablilty to play more VR because of its ease of use. There are many Oculus Quest reviews out there, but I thought I would share my honest opinion of the Oculus Quest to hopefully help you make the right decision. The Oculus Quest released on May 21st and it has not disappointed.
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  1. hmm everybody is buying these.. inc me.. wonder if its like that Star Trek episode with theVR game that took over everyones mind.. except Wesley Crusher and Data..

  2. UUUUGHHHHH more stupid shitty annoying background music .. WE ARE NOT HEAR TO LISTEN TO MUSIC !
    it also makes it HARDER to hear what you are saying .. STOP IT !!

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