Outer Wilds Review

Outer Wilds reviewed by Mike Epstein on PC. Also available on Xbox One.

Outer Wilds: 10-Minute Gameplay Walkthrough:

Observation Review:

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0 thoughts on “Outer Wilds Review

  1. Sat watching credits of Outer Wilds with tears in my eyes. Partly because of the emotional impact of the game and partly because I really needed it right now. And also because I'd totally fallen out of love with games lately and this reminded me what video games should be. In a few fundamental ways it's one of the best games I've ever played.

  2. its crazy how i went in not knowing what i was doing and just made random discoveries that seemingly made no sense but slowly started to piece together in a way i didn't think possible. it's been such a cool journey.

  3. I've played for about an hour. I've landed on The Attlerock and translated some lore. The problem? I'm bored and not enjoying it at all. Should I stick with it or is this game just not for me?

  4. The controls are killing my enjoyment of this game. I want to explore without taking part in a flight simulator. Prey did space controls perfectly, for example.

    Brilliant concept, though. Going to try and stick with it.

  5. I expected a chill puzzle/exploration game such as Riven, Myst or The Witness, but this game is actually kind of intense. Also, you can tell it's made with a lot of heart.

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