Pixio PX7 Prime Review, A Bang for Buck IPS 1440p 165Hz Gaming Monitor

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Testing performed using Portrait CalMAN Ultimate:

Pixio PX7 Prime Review

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0 thoughts on “Pixio PX7 Prime Review, A Bang for Buck IPS 1440p 165Hz Gaming Monitor”

  1. It's hard to go back from 4k to anything else once you go 4k. I want a a 2k 144hertz panel but I don't want to loose all that PPI. It's so damn sharp at 60hertz. 4k 144 hertz panels are in my opinion, irrelevant. Most AAA games can't even play 60 hertz at 4k. I'm playing Metro Exodus right now and damn that game looks amazing in 4k compared to 2k and 1080p is like a peasant resolution.

  2. There is a gsync/adaptive sync, 1440p, 144hz, 1ms response monitor on amazon called the aoc agon ag241qx. $249. Please review it. I bought it a while back and I’m so impressed but idk what is good vs bad in a monitor besides tearing etc.

  3. Could you check out more ultrawide, high refresh, adaptive sync, budget VA/IPS monitors sometime? Ultrawide 1080p 75Hz+ is still a thing that reviewers suddenly ignored and there are some cheapish ultrawide 1440p 100Hz monitors (MSI Optix and Viewsonic come to mind) that I'd like to see tested with your unparalleled review format!

    I'm really hoping to build a RX 5700/2060 Super + R5 3600 tier PC by next year but such performance is at a weird middle ground between ultrawide 1080p/144Hz at maximum settings and ultrawide 1440p/>60Hz with almost maximum settings. I can live with so-so colour calibration and response times as an engineer as long as the gamut is wide enough (>100% sRGB) and contrast high enough (>1000:1 with best normie calibration).

  4. i got the lg32gk650f due to your recommendation and review, BUT i have to send it back due to crucial things, that were NOT testing, yet would be simple to test.
    the display has edge darkening so bad, that if u look at it from the center close up u can notice the darkened areas on the left and right of the display, of course strongly worsening with the angle u look at them.
    it also has horrible banding issues, the worst i have ever seen in a monitor i believe, so it HAS to be send back for those issues alone.
    PLEASE ad gradient/banding testing and edge darkening tests to the reviews, those are deal breakers for many people including me obviously.

    also if gradient testing results were shown int he video and i missed it my bad, but it certainly wouldn't have been obvious to spot 😀

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