REX Environment Force: Full Review & Opinion!

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The Real Environment Xtreme team has released yet another addon, adding to their long list of many products changing the sky and general environment in flight simulator. REX Environment Force is for Prepar3D V4.4 and V4.5 only and gives you a dynamic and ‘on-the-fly’ shading tweaking tool, including the ability to swap cloud and sky textures, all live from within the sim, without having to close and restart it.

All is reviewed in this video! Check out the timestamps below to navigate your way through!


– Windows 10® Pro 64-Bit
– Intel® Core™ i7-6700K CPU @ 4.60 GHz
– 16 GB DDR4 RAM
– Sapphire R9 390 Nitro 8G with back plate

Main positives:

– Super easy shader tweaking and seeing what you’re actually doing
– Ability to inject new textures and shaders (presets) without quiting the sim is great
– Automation mode adds more dynamics and variety to your flight. The sky upon arrival will look different than during the departure.

Main negatives:

– Automation mode pretty subtle sometimes. Would be nice to know what is actually changing and what textures are currently active and how it really interprets weather data.
– HDR blooming is weird, needs tweaking (they are working on this)
– Although it’s nice, it’s yet another workaround to make the sky look great with 2D textures. Would be nice to see something truely groundbreaking sometime: a complete overhaul of the sky & cloud engine including 3D clouds that truely change dynamically, not using smoothly swapping 2D textures that are trying to face towards you.

***** 👇 – TIMESTAMPS! – 👇 ******

– 👉 Intro: 0:00

– 👉 What is it and why? 0:57
– 👉 How does this fit with other addons & weather engines? 3:00

– 👉 Main program overview: 5:11
– 👉 Seeing it in action: adjusting shaders in the sim, live: 11:02
– 👉 Cloud & Sky texture swapping: 16:08
– 👉 Mini UI overview: 18:51
– 👉 Negative: mini UI always appears in automation mode: 18:55

– 👉 Automation mode explained & overview: 21:25
– 👉 Testing automation mode: timelapse comparison: 24:54
– 👉 Departure vs. arrival sky comparison: 27:31
– 👉 Before/After shots – sky, terrain & water color: 28:28
– 👉 Negative: HDR bloom: 28:56
– 👉 Negative automation mode: 29:47

– 👉 Overall conclusion: 31:06
– 👉 Performance impact: 31:34
– 👉 My personal opinion & perspective on this product: 31:48

– 👉 Outro: 35:26

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28 thoughts on “REX Environment Force: Full Review & Opinion!”

  1. I'm still using FSX, Active Sky Next, and Texture Direct with Soft Clouds. Before I even knew the minimum requirements, I was hoping this, along with upgraded textures and weather would magically put my graphics into P3D territory… but after watching this, I'm not blown away.

    I think a program like this is important to push the tech forward, but I'm also glad that I don't feel the need to upgrade because it would cost a small fortune. I think I'm safe for at least the next couple years. Thanks for the review.

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