Riverbond | Game Review

Riverbond is a colourful co-op arcade action game, but is it perhaps a tad too simple?


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0 thoughts on “Riverbond | Game Review

  1. You're in all your right to be "harsh" when reviewing this game. It is, sadly, an immensely missed opportunity since it looks amazing; I mean, the art direction IS the selling point of this game (and IMHO it might be the whole reason the game has that many awards. Kudos to Vanessa Chia [Art Director])… And speaking of sales, I think you forgot to mention that the game costs 25USD which is WAY TOO MUCH for the amount of content/fun it manages to offer.

  2. Thanks a lot for this review. I never heard of this game but it really looks awesome. Byebye Gem and Rad, you're the best !!

  3. Umm random question how do you come up with games to play do you have a list or do you play trending games or something by the way you're show is so awesome and creative and fun thanks for your time

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