Sagebrush (Nintendo Switch) – Quicksave Review

Just when you thought it was safe to join a cult, Sagebrush is here to remind you about the true horrors of falling in with the flock.

I don’t think you need to play through a whole game to recommend it to someone, so I started these QuickSave Reviews. These are where I play a portion of a game and when I feel like I’ve gotten the gist of it’s mechanics and style, I quickly save and record my thoughts for you to watch!

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For full transparency, I did receive a key for this game in exchange for my honest opinion on it.

Theme song: Chiptronic by Patrick De Arteaga

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2 thoughts on “Sagebrush (Nintendo Switch) – Quicksave Review”

  1. Is the problem with selecting things related to the sensibility (guess the game was designer for the mouse instead of a stick) or not seeing the exact center of the screen? Maybe a little crosshair (a point) or sensibility options could help a little.

    About the shadows i guess it's all about mood, you can usually brighten the shadows in 3D graphics or have a light torch but that would go outside the original design 😛 There are other devs using these PS1/DOS 3D graphics that add stuff like realtime lights, 60fps, better shadows and animations, etc and still works well in my opinion. I've seen also VHS effects simulating an old camcorder, cool but maybe a bit extreme in my opinion 🙂
    I like adventures that are not strictly horror or strictly psychological stuff, one of my recently favourites ones is Stories Untold, 4 short narratives mixed with text adventure gameplay and modern 3D graphics (oldschool hardware that shows you the text adventure and other stuff to use to solve things they tell you to do). I'd totally see more stuff of that too.

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