SESSION – The Best Skateboarding Game Ever?! – FULL REVIEW

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Hey guys 🙂
I finally can present you my full review to session.
The Early Access version of Session came out a few days ago and you know I had to make a review on it 😉
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PS3: psychokeks_360


Intro: Joji – CANT GET OVER YOU Instrumental

Prod. Riddiman – Peach
Prod. Riddiman – Serenity
Sad Lofi Type Beat – just go
Prod. Riddiman – Dandelions
Prod. Riddiman – Distant
Joakim Karud – Dreams

Outro: Pink Guy – She’s so nice


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0 thoughts on “SESSION – The Best Skateboarding Game Ever?! – FULL REVIEW”

  1. I 100% agree!! Pushing should be fixed and grinds should grind a little smoother and ollies should be moved a notch up… Like tre flips are low pop should be medium pop and a regular ollie should be higher…. I am pretty satisfied with the game so far, but it would open up for more tech style tricks if they fixed these problems…. Plus they should adjust rotating so you can control the rotation a bit better instead of over rotating or having to use the revert 🙂 … The city itself is amazing!! Really some of the best spots ever made in a game in my opinion! I am really looking forward to see where this one goes 🙂

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