Should YOU Buy Raiden V for Nintendo Switch?

Raiden V Director’s Cut has hit the Nintendo Switch, bringing the classic series back to Nintendo. Celebrating the 25th Anniversary of Raiden, is Raiden V a shmup worth checking out on the Switch? Let’s take a look in this Raiden V Switch review!

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30 thoughts on “Should YOU Buy Raiden V for Nintendo Switch?

  1. Same thing they did with Shadow Warrior 2 they only made a limited run for the Xbox and PS4 so if you ever want a physical copy of Shadow Warrior 2 you will have to pay $120

  2. I pre-ordered a copy from GameStop, and I received my copy in the mail this past Saturday. This game will definitely become a rare collectable.

  3. It's actually a soundtrack sampler, not the full soundtrack.

    Also if the PS4 release is any indicator, it's the first printing (with manual and CD) that is limited. Later printings will remove those, but still be physical.

  4. Seeing how good this game is, I am hoping Cave can see this as an opportunity to release the Dodonpachi series for the switch.

  5. IDK I think the numerals thing just chalks up to Japanese weirdness I've seen it before (one of the early 2000s DDR games had '8rd stage' so I'm sure that's not a new phenomenon lol) but I've definitely been a big Raiden fan ever since I was younger…. actually own the Genesis version and both 3 and 4 on Steam, they're fun to dust off and play especially if you own a USB arcade stick!) but R5 seems like it might be fun even though they've mixed up the formulla with some new elements… I'm always down for more new physical titles on switch especially if it comes with some sweet extras (like I have both sonic mania's deluxe version and the dragon's trap remake and both of those came with a ton of sweet stuff!)

  6. I did not know this…consider the physical copy purchased! I have a friend that owns a game store and he is holding my copy for me (we hang out outside of his work). I will pick it up tomorrow!

    My God, a cheer mechanic?! How Nintendo canyon possibly get. If this was on XBLA it would be a your mom "insert random slur here" me mechanic…okay, okay, Nintendo's is probably better. 😉

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