Solo in Paro Bhutan | Tiger’s Nest visit | Bhutan Travel Guide | Bhutan Series Ep 1 | Tanya Khanijow

Here’s presenting the first part of the Bhutan Series Episode in Paro. I went straight to Paro as first part of my road trip in the country. The drive from Phuntsholing took about 4 hours.

The entire budget of my Bhutan trip was close to INR 25k. You can carry cash everywhere in Indian currency in Bhutan as it is accepted. Some things about Paro below:

1. The place where I stayed at in Paro is called Ama’s Village Lodge. You can book the place here –

2. The cost of entry to Taktsang Goempa is INR 500 and a round trip with any driver will cost INR 1000 from your lodge

3. You can contact Mr. Yonten Norbu for driving you around Bhutan if you are visiting. His number is +975 17672515 , my experience with him was extremely nice. He was a perfect gentleman who ensured my safety and also made sure my experience in Bhutan was memorable.

4. If you are visiting Bhutan, I would highly advice you to get a local sim for contacting tour agencies or driver. A local sim will be available for INR 200 at Phuntsholing.

5. Other places that you can visit in Paro are – Paro Dzong and you can get a Hot Stone bath which is very popular in the area

Let me know in comments if you have any more questions.

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33 thoughts on “Solo in Paro Bhutan | Tiger’s Nest visit | Bhutan Travel Guide | Bhutan Series Ep 1 | Tanya Khanijow

  1. First episode of Bhutan series! Kaisa Laga? Please please also read the description box for some more details about Paro. 🙂

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  4. Wow you sound like an angel when you speak in Hindi.3:29 that flows sooo nice.
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  5. I know bhutan is very beautiful place nevertheless, which place would you like to suggest people if they want to visit bhutan.?

  6. बहुत शानदार।
    हमारे ब्लाग हिंदी सक्सेस डाट काम पर गेस्ट पोस्ट लिख सकते हैं.

  7. You in a blue traditional dress of Paro Bhutan were looking like a Japanese dolls, I hope you must have bought it to bring home to show friends and relatives, isn't you did so ?

  8. Dekho kal kahan thi Tanya ki bach chi, aur aaj milin hain Paro ke sath Bhutan maen.

    Tum na jal aey jao ham logan ko sara jag ghum ghum ke.
    Chalo koi baat nahi, tum toh ham ka bhe sair kara deti ho apni video ke madh ham se.

    Bhagwan tumra jeewan sukh ma aur dil mangal ma rakh ey
    And you alwas live in peace, harmony and tranquillity together with.

    ( amen )

  9. Your hosts in Bhutan were so nice people .
    Your stay was comfortable and good.
    This gives good name for Bhutan Tourism Promotion.

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