Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire – 2019 Theme Park Review & Tour

Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire – 2019 Theme Park Tour

Story Land is a fantasy themed theme park located in Glen, New Hampshire (about ten minutes away from downtown North Conway). The park opened in 1954 and has been growing ever since, adding 20 + rides and attractions. Story Land is typically visited by families with young kids but today two adults are going to give you a tour of the park! Tresh and I will share the sights, sounds and smells (specifically dirty diapers) of Story Land. We will also be going on some of the rides like the Polar Coaster, the buccaneer pirate ship. and taking a look at some of the new rides like the Rap-Tour Safari, Splash Battle Pharaoh’s Reign, and the new roller coaster Roar-o-Saurus.


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34 thoughts on “Story Land in Glen, New Hampshire – 2019 Theme Park Review & Tour”

  1. 17:33 I have four of those 😀 Humpty Dumpty was my favorite thing there as a kid. The memories, they were named Himp Nimp, Humpty dumpty, dumpsters, and Eggy nimp. I was a weird kid lol

  2. Thank you! I went to Story Land 1970, and my kids went there in the early 2000's. Too bad you never went to Heritage NH, it was cool. Now I only see Story Land when I go to the Bartlett transfer station or to Jackson. I call you the Justinscarred of the East… You are doing a great job. FYI, next time you go to the Clinton Tunnel…take Tresh to the heart in the field.

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