Sydney Hunter And the Curse of The Mayan Review | Nintendo Switch

Today’s Review is “Sydney Hunter and the Curse of the Mayan” A retro inspired title from “Collectorvision Games” Play as explorer Sydney Hunter as you find pieces of the Mayan Calendar and restore time

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8 thoughts on “Sydney Hunter And the Curse of The Mayan Review | Nintendo Switch”

  1. Excellent review, as always. And thank you for the recommendation. Never heard of this game before, and I will play it if for nothing other than its Meso-American theme. I love that theme so much. Read so much about it since I played Broken Sword 2 recently (which, by the way, was NOT a good source for Mayan mythology). I'm glad you gave it such a high score, I actually trust your taste in games, so I'm sure I'll love this one. As for the manual saves thing, I think that's a standard in Metroidvanias, so it definitely won't bother me. It was the same case in Hollow Knight, and that game was a masterpiece.

  2. Game looks fantastic! Also would love to see a digital reissue of the old console versions sometime after they're out of print.

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