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Tapestry Board Game Review

Melissa and Kevin talk about the Tapestry Board Game from Stonemaier Games.
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15 thoughts on “Tapestry Board Game Review

  1. ah-symetrical?

  2. Great review! This is the second one I've heard that pointed out how experienced players will have a huge advantage over new players due to the fact you need to "see" down the line and be able to chain your actions.

  3. Great review Melissa and Kevin. 🙂

  4. Cant believe you had this and didn't bring it to last weeks game night……I just ordered mine from Stonemeir's Website!!!!

  5. How many times did you recount that one point game?
    This looks like a good game to challenge the mind.

  6. Excellent overview of the game and the “pros and cons”!

  7. I wonder how “Monumental” (KS)will compare to this game?

  8. Excellent review, I like how you delved into pros and cons

  9. pre-ordered. thanks for the vid.

  10. Landmarks can be placed with parts of it off the capital mat right?

  11. These guys are so endearing and likeable. I wish I could game with them.

  12. already pre ordered … 17 september shipping out

  13. Note it does not hit retail stores until November 2019

  14. Thanks for your insights

  15. With pre-order link in description this feels more like paid commercial than honest review.

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