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Tapestry Final Thoughts Review with the Game Boy Geek

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Tapestry Overview and components video –

My final thoughts for the upcoming civilization game (Tapestry) by Stonemaier Games. Build your civilization by focusing on Exploration, Military, Science, & Technology while using your Tapestry cards to shape your strategy!

Tapestry overview & components showcase –

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12 thoughts on “Tapestry Final Thoughts Review with the Game Boy Geek

  1. The landmark aspect is disappointing. I figured they DID give some unique bonuses. That's a really good thing to point out. Hopefully it will be part of an expansion.

  2. Thank you.

  3. Check out the playthroughs from The Mill and Slickerdrips if you want to see how you can turn that map into a whole boatload of points!

  4. Double the intro, double the fun!

  5. Thank you for your well thought out negative points. Im totally hyped about this game and it seems like the initial reviewers are also gushing but I want to curb my enthusiasm and make sure im getting a balanced view

  6. I think this is a game that similar to Everdell will be one that will often be cited as an example of an overproduced game, but it's an interesting conversation. Some gamers prefer games with an "over-the-top" table-presence while others can play a print-and-play black-and-white artless 18XX and find similar enjoyment. I think there's room for all types in the hobby.

  7. I've heard certain tracks are better than others and are necessary, that seems unbalanced and the game will become stagnant over time

  8. As to wishing the Landmarks did more things, there's already a variant up on BGG that adds a bit of uniqueness to each of the Landmarks. Nothing too crazy (converting one resource to another, for the early ones), but could add a bit of spice to the game!

  9. Because depth to complexity ratio is often mantioned , so maybe it will be good to precise depth, because I suppose sometimes you mean by it difficulty of decisions and sometimes number of possible choices.

  10. I agree with your point about the landmarks. Such a premium component should have contributed more mechanically as it does visually. The initial placement of the landmarks do not seem impactful as it may take a couple of eras before they help grant a few resources and points. It’s only the final landmarks that seem impactful. (e.g. once you get the space station you can access the big bonus space tiles)

  11. pre-ordered. thanks for the vid.

  12. Already hoping that Jamey will make expansions for this one … pre ordered 2 games lol

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