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Tapestry Review by Man vs Meeple (Stonemaier Games)

Tapestry Review by Man Vs Meeple

1-5 Players
90-120 Minutes
12+ Years of Age

Man Vs Meeple
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Hosted by Jeremy Salinas and David Waybright


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20 thoughts on “Tapestry Review by Man vs Meeple (Stonemaier Games)

  1. Isnt it weird that all those Civ games (and i include videogames) have prebuild Civs that already have a specialization and character that are often even taken out of historical or current characteristics (as seen in Civilization from Sid Meier)?
    The sole point should be to build your own civilization however this may look and that you gain the specializations (like being great at trading or diplomacy) by researching tech, milestones etc.

    Its kind of against the purpose of a Civ Game that you start with a civilization that is already predefined as defining your own should be your task.
    So when i pick lets say an arabic civ and suddenly am great at trading and get bonus on religion, even with minor boni it can predefine how the civ is played best.
    For example Greece in Civ V is great at diplomacy with citystates, thus utilizing citystates is pretty much THE strength of the civ you have.
    Suddenly focussing entirely on military or research would be a weird decision.

    It seems like theres no Civ game that has you starting empty, non defined and where you define your civilization through your actions and you start with basic actions and knowledge.
    I get that its interesting to have asymmetric gameplay, but thats why i like Terraforming Mars Corporations and that it has starter corps without any strenght.

  2. Really looking forward to this. Good to see it get some marketing/publicity before Spiel 🙂

  3. Cool maybe I can get a copy 5 years later after the 10th print run.

  4. No questions on the game, good review with pros and cons.

    2 requests: 1) never use the word “teach” like that again, it’s never a noun unless used as a shortened version of teacher. “The teach” is not a thing and you shouldn’t encourage it. 2) Say the name of your show. Man vs Meeple, not MvM, it just sounds lame. 😜

  5. The art seems fantasy in nature but the titles on cards and boards seems to reflect historical elements with out any fantasy themes, that along with the over all mishmashes in art design choice (different art styles in maps, cards, boards and miniatures) really seems indecisive, unfocused and plastered on (if all on their own good looking).

  6. Great review, guys! This game has already sold crazy well. I pre-ordered this game and then canceled (not due to your review BtW, but due to just having an uncertain feeling). I'm sure I'll get a chance to play it but don't feel the need to own it. I do feel like a con is an experienced player will crush a new player. It speaks to players having to be nearly equal in experience to make the game fun for all – definitely a con for me. Also, you didn't mention putting the buildings on your home 'area' board a con, but it sure looks like one to me. Sure, beautiful buildings – but the score for that system just seems too low. Did you find that to be true?

  7. Great review. Love hearing your thoughts. Seems like it’s ideal to learn together and play with a solid group together until everyone has it down.

  8. One design problem I can see with balancing ongoing tapestry cards is the fact that the sooner such tapestry card is played the stronger it is. But given players draw all tapestry cards from one deck and in very limited quantities it would make luck of the draw a very decisive factor! One player might be lucky enough to draw an ongoing effect as their first tapestry card and reap the benefit for entire game – while other player would be unlucky and have to choose between 2 ongoing effects as their last tapestry card (the balance would dictate having such effect for only one era is not very powerfull).

  9. What happened with the CONS part ?

  10. What's the solo game like? Beat your own score or is there a winloss criteria?

  11. This game looks terrible, no theme and no interesting mechanisms. zzzzzzzz.

  12. Well.. in Tapestry's defense, almost all of civilization games favor the experienced player 😀

  13. It doesn't like its worth double the cost of A New Dawn. I hope he has finally made a game that doesn't suffer from imbalance, like his other games do.

  14. Great review with both the pros and cons discussed, totally agree with Jeremy regarding the abstracted nature of the game, the gameplay doesn’t look very Civ-like to me so not as excited about this

  15. Excellent review. I can see how a gamer like Jeremy would have the negatives he has. I'm more in the David side of things with this one though. And for me I mainly play 2p with my girlfriend. I could never get her to play a game like Through The Ages or Nations, but this looks like it would be right in her wheelhouse of complexity and game length. The one thematic disconnect for me from watching these reviews and previews is the fact that you could be at the end of a track and getting neural implants and then playing a tapestry card that shows "paper." Rahdo mentions such an example in his review, but he clearly has a more vivid imagination than me.

  16. If you had to describe the game as "Game X" crossed with "Game Y" how would you do so?

  17. Gentlemen, That's a great overview and review…well done! As one who loves, like Jeremy, Nations, I can absolutely see his point(s) about how the feel of the game is very different. However, as I tend to teach many games to others, I take a page out of David's book and this game teaches exceptionally well.

  18. mvm, now that the reveal phase is over, and pre-orders have begun, thanks again for doing your mini-series on all the different factions – it's really helped me get a feel for that part of the game, and has been something ive looked forward to each day

  19. jamey did test the game with 'ongoing effect' cards – he decided to drop them bc he said players had trouble remembering to use them

  20. Wait ? People who are experienced at board games are gonna do better than someone who dose not ? Is there ANY game that dose not have that sort of thing going on with ?

    And I can appreciate your comment on cards that have lasting powers. But I have a counter point to that. I find in most Civ games that I’ve played , that those sort of cards that show up are “ must haves “ and if you don’t take it you are basically handing the game over too your opponent or making sure they have a advantage over you. And it makes it feel like a race for a specific card vs advancing your civilization.

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