The Dead Don’t Die Angry Movie Review

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AngryJoe, OtherJoe & Alex review the zombie comedy The Dead Don’t Die, is this indie release with the famous Bill Murray and Adam Driver worth seeking out? Find out!

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0 thoughts on “The Dead Don’t Die Angry Movie Review

  1. I did enjoy this movie, I guess I went in expecting it to be what it was, but I am one who enjoys the odd movie here and there

  2. The plank gun was a "home made" type gun. Barrel strapped to a plank of wood, scope screwed in on top not properly lined up, and a very simple trigger. Just enough for him to hunt rabbits and squirrels. (and chicken)

  3. You forgot to mention Selena's little sparkles that come from her head when she's nice to the gas station dude and he gets like love struck lol.

  4. movie is a 9. you didnt get the heckton of pop culture and references. your lack of culture and movie knowledge is showing badly

  5. I actually think Jim Jarmusch is an ASSHOLE for making this movie. It’s like he opened a restaurant and when seating you, took you out by the dumpster. Or invited you to a party but made you serve his guests. He spat in our faces for money, and giving it a 5 or 6 is licking the spit and enjoying it.

  6. This movie was almost as bad as Battlefield Earth. Really good actors, but the writer/director has not advanced AT ALL as a story teller. This was pretentious, insulting garbage. Do not waste your time!

  7. It’s too realistic but not at the same time lol ugly film

    And why was the alien chick praying to the statue at the beginning (forgot what it’s called)

  8. im with Other Joe, the end ruined the film for me, and it seems that scenes were left out in some of the sub plots in the film. It also got really preachy at the end.

  9. Abit slow and some of the jokes dont stick. I didnt really laugh but i was so intrigued it did amuse me. Not your conventional movie telling. Movie gave me anxiety. The character development was great but just when you want more? People die and we dont get to see what happened to the characters we spent time with. Its left to the imagination and i can appreciate that but god dam god dam the ending left me empty

  10. I love zombie movies as well as games as long as they are good and i been wanting to buy this movie and now thanks to your review i can save my money joe thanks so much.👍

  11. movie tried to be a smart hipster zombie comedy but failed hard. most of the jokes fell flat. i understand it tried to be smart, but it should still be entertaining. the only good thing was the chemistry between bill murray and adam driver. they should have just followed those two for the whole movie

  12. As someone who’s watched hundreds zombie movies, I didn’t care for it much at all. I rate it a 3 for the effort of adding some comedic moments.

  13. There was no plot just people dying in stupid ways, the kids from the orphanage was a story that wasn’t even needed, just random and it’s a complete waste of actors

  14. I understand if this film was trying to be ‘different’… But it’s harsh tricking people into paying to watch an absolutely shite film. I bet 90% of people who went to the cinema wanted their money back.

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