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The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Switch Review

The definitive version of the beloved Game Boy classic arrives on Switch.


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45 thoughts on “The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening Switch Review

  1. Who in here has The Legend Of Zelda Link's Awakening game and share your experience about the game after the release date?

  2. Surely a fine game, but not worth $60. Come on Nintendo.

  3. My absolute dream would be a full 3D remake of Oracle of Time+Ages in the style of Breath of the Wild.

  4. Playing the game right now it’s so awesome I personally prefer and like these type of Zelda games like link to the past and this an many other similar games over botw, botw was good but didn’t do much for me I didn’t like the vast open somewhat empty world, never played links awakening but this game is beautiful I can’t believe ppl are complaining about the price tag an saying it’s a game boy remake port so it shouldn’t be full price I’ve seen ppl pay more for less and this games about 12-15 hours for average players, re2 was 12 hours keep that in mind lol

  5. The game has nothing new in it. Its just collection of ideas and gameplay from previous Nintendo titles. Which is why it feels tired thru and thru. Not that these paid pipers would ever tell you the truth!

  6. Love the original dearly, love my Switch, but Nintendo can go fuck itself with this 60-dollars-for-a-25-year-old-Gameboy-game bullshit.

  7. This game feels so therapeutic to me

  8. There should be a pokemon fire red leaf green remake with these visuals

  9. That visual style would be amazing applied to Super Mario RPG.

  10. I thought this game is doodoo. I spent 60 bucks on it even though I got the original for 5 bucks on the 3DS. Bad call on my part

  11. This game looks stunning.

  12. should i get this game as my first zelda game? I don't know anything about zelda but this game looked like it was fun i always like these kind of graphics

  13. Nintendo still keeping it original. But they know everyone wants a Ocarina of Time remake.

  14. Links Awakening ob GB was the first Zelda game I ever played and still remains my favourite! I still have a cooy of the DX version on GBC… Still enjoyable to this day!
    If I get the Swith, I'll definitely invest in this game!

  15. i didnt know this was out this month
    i want this.. and i want it now

  16. This is a good base character and world, I feel like Nintendo might just have a whole new IP on their hands here.

  17. 8 is too low. Deserves a

  18. Godly remake imo.

  19. I hope Grezzo had learned the lesson and they don't break another TLoZ game as they made with Majora's Mask 3D. it's unbelievable they ruined that port giving the fact that they used the original source code, and now the fans have fixed the game themselves with a patch (modding community does what Nintendon't, I think). I don't have faith on their conversions anymore.

  20. Still own the gamboy game of links awakening but I definantly have to play this.

  21. I’d like to see an Oracle of Ages/Seasons remake next.

  22. Dreamer edition 🙂

  23. Imagine if they remade every Nintendo game like this. I would be broke but very very happy.
    It gives me da goose pimples just thinking about it.

  24. How is that a game like this has problems with frame rate? I understand something like Doom, but this game. 🤦🤦

  25. Would like to play this but not paying £40

  26. 60 bucks for this,?

  27. A quick question guys.
    Would you buy Tetris game on Nintendo Switch if it would cost you 60 USD instead the free price?
    No? Then why did you buy Link's Awakening?
    I am just curious.

  28. Redo Zelda Minish cap, Oracle of Seasons and Time. And package them as 1 release. Those 3 games are gba classics and probably the least played zelda games

  29. Nah gonna pass I liked this in my og Game Boy and doesn't seem to add enough for the price and kinda hate the art direction in this one, seems like everything made with fondant.

  30. I don't really care for the legend of Zelda games but if I get a switch lite I'm getting this

  31. the soundtrack volume is often (not always) too low. Like I can barely hear the music in the woods. there needs to be a way to turn up the volume. It's just loud enough so you know it is playing in the background, but not loud enough to enjoy the ambiance it helps create.

    and the frame rate hit is very hard to swallow. I'm not one to normally care about framerate, it never bothered me in botw. but in this installment, it is bad. it also happens randomly when walking about, not just after a loading screen.

    And there are other bugs too. like at one point, i began noticing my guy wouldn't jump (I have roc's feather). I blamed it on me pushing the wrong button. then at another point I realized that it was the game. I pushed the y button 20 times before link finally jumped, and then jumped consistently. It happened at a point on the map where I was moving between areas. I'm guessing the game was busy loading or something…

  32. you only played 15 hours?! and expect me to spend $60 on this crappy 30 year hard ass puzzle remake? naw fuck this game

  33. This game looks so stupid, it lacks the japanese feel. The characters look like Nintendo Wii U Mii avatars lol

  34. Kids still cry about spoilers in 2019, let alone from a almost 30 year old game?

  35. The framerate is terrible pretty much all the way through the review video. Hope it feels better when playing it.

  36. Im glad it's getting good reviews but I really don't wanna play this game again with better graphics. Maybe I'll wait for Luigi's Mansion

  37. How much time to finish it at 100% . I hope this is more than 8-10 hours

  38. An 8. Gamespot being Gamespot

  39. Astral Chain or Link's Awakening?

  40. I swear they give every game an 8 in their reviews. It's like they just default to that when they dont know how the fuck to review a game.

  41. Good review Peter, but I feel like you went waaayyy OTT with the thesaurus. I’m not saying people aren’t going to understand, just feels like as it’s a big release you had to make a point to prove your journalistic prowess. Just makes your thoughts unbelievable and not personable to a viewer. Well written (read it on the website), but may miss the target with a lot of those who want an honest opinion in a manageable video 👍🏻

  42. The only remake we need after this is DEF skyward sword… Case closed

  43. Next up should be Wind waker and Twilight Princess HD for switch along with Minish Cap, Link to the Past, maybe Oracle of Seasons, Super Mario 3d World, and Pikmin 3

  44. Love the new art direction!

  45. Cute Game!!! I Have to Buy it Soon 😍😍😍

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