The Society: Netflix: Season 1: Ending Explained Spoiler Talk Review + Where Did Everyone Go?

The Society: Netflix: Season 1: Ending Explained Spoiler Talk Breakdown + Where Did Everyone Go Fan Theory

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The Society has just dropped on Netflix and the ten hour season has a lot to unpack from it. Throughout this, I’ll be breaking down everything that you need to know about the show as well as what I took from it.

This is full spoilers ahead so if you haven’t seen the show yet and don’t want to know what happens then I highly suggest that you turn off now.

With that out the way, I just wanna thank you for clicking the video, now sit back, relax and lets get into my break down of The Society.

The Society Season 1 Recap
The Society is a Lord of the flies-esque teenage drama that follows a group of young students who during a field trip find themselves in a replica of their home town with one big caveat: all of the adults in the area are gone.

The area has had a mysterious odor around it for the past couple of days and this seems to be linked to the disappearance of the majority of the city’s citizens.

There is apparently no way out or in of the town or evidence of anything beyond it.

West Ham and The Society becomes just that, a group of people struggling to create their own community without imploding on one another.

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The Society: Ending Explained
The Season 1 finale ends with Allie and Will removed from their leadership positions after a coup is staged by Campbell and Lexie. This sends the election that the show has been building up to off the rails but not everything is as simple as it seems.

Lexie talks like she’s deadset on removing Allie however she knows deep down that she can’t really handle the pressure herself. The ending is a focus on how its easy to judge those making the difficult choices, however, when those choices are given to you, that doesn’t mean that you have the strength to make the tough decisions, no matter how good of a critic you are.

Though the society has shown that they are very judgemental to people like Dewey, that doesn’t mean that Will and Allie will fall victims to this. Allie has so much experience that it would be stupid for Lexie to kill her as she’s the only one who truly knows what it’s like to lead.

There’s also the fact that there can’t really be any major changes once the two are ousted. Everything has a balance currently and the new leaders will likely not want to destabilise this which comments on how our civilization is built on certain expectations and that politicians can do very little when it comes to changing the big issues.

The fact is, people have to do things they don’t want to from time to time, there must be rules put in place and jobs in order to everyone to get stability in their lives.

the society full season 1 recap and season 2 predictions

The True Meaning
In order to ‘run this town how it should be run’ there isn’t much that the new leaders can be done and they will no doubt realise in the second season how difficult her shoes are to fill. Sure Allie made some missteps in finding her feet but she was never qualified for the position anyway.

Going forward I can see Lexie relying on Allie for her advice and thus the townsfolk will realise that nothing has really changed with her still making the tough decisions. This will cause even more rioting with the town overturning the new leaders in order to reappoint her.

As Allie said, Lexie making people hate her is easy but once that goes away there’s nothing else she can use and I think Season 2 will be a big focus on this.


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  1. Sorry but I hate Lexi because she’s annoying, Campbell because he’s a horrible person, Elle because she’s dumb enough to stay with him and she had options and protection if she spoke up, I hate Allie because she’s also dumb and is such a hypocrite. AND I do not like Wil because he’s a man whore 😂

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