Unboxing BTS “BTS WORLD OST” 防弾少年団 방탄소년단 언박싱 Kpop Ktown4u

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* Music: Text Me Records/Grandbankss – Realism *

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44 thoughts on “Unboxing BTS “BTS WORLD OST” 防弾少年団 방탄소년단 언박싱 Kpop Ktown4u”

  1. I have been enjoying the game so much and hopefully I can win this album 💜🍀 Thank you so much for the amazing video!
    Twitter: @chimmydeokkk

  2. Hi, Jay. Thank u for this unboxing video and GA! I hope that I will be the lucky one. I shared it on my twitter: @siameseboo

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