Untitled Goose Game Review | It’s Metal Gear Solid With A Goose

It’s Untitled Goose Game review time. And it’s a honking success – a mix of stealth and geese. As you’ll see from Astrid’s Untitled Goose Game gameplay, she thinks it’s a lot like Metal Gear Solid, but with a goose. Metal Goose Solid? There’s lots to love about it, so please enjoy our Goose Game test.

In this Untitled Goose Game review, Astrid goes through all the ways that it strongly resembles Metal Gear Solid. You can hide in a box, honk in a variety of ways to distract adversaries, and the villagers even have little exclamation marks that pop up above their heads, as you’ll see in this Untitled Goose Game gameplay. Untitle Goose Game is a rare treat: a genuinely funny game, and without a word of spoken dialogue. Good work House House.

This is Untitled Goose Game PC review, but there’s an Untitled Goose Game Switch release as well, so when you’re away from your computer, you can enjoy some on-the-go honking on your daily commute if you fancy. You can treat this video like an Untitled Goose Game Switch review if you want, it’s not like they’ve crammed loads of Marios into it. He’d only jump on the damn goose. Hopefully our Goose Game review gives you an idea of what to expect on any platform.

If you have any questions about Untitled Goose Game, bang them in the comments. Do you want to know if the goose can die horribly? (It can’t.) Maybe you’d ask how long is Untitled Goose Game (the video has the answer). Maybe you just want to shake your fist at yet another Epic Game Store exclusive. Understandable. All questions and comments welcome.

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  1. So, Astrid, does your contract with RPS specify that you get to use "yeet" once per video, or does it specify that you must use "yeet" at least once per video?

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