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  1. Hey all, this is Alessandro Fillari, editor from GameSpot. I was the one who reviewed the game. I'm noticing some comments about The Second Dream cinematic quest, and I want to stress that I did finish the current slate of story missions. I chose not to mention the cinematic quests in the review so that we could avoid showing spoilers or any references to it. They're a big part of the game and I wanted to preserve that for those that haven't played the game yet. I hope that clears things up!

  2. Fantastic game, even considering it's free to play never liked the sci fi games that much but this one changed my mind.

    Funny and sad to see a free to play game beats EA and Activision games by a longshot.

  3. Lol ash is the worst stealth frame….he is more a debuff+dps kind of frame. The problem with warframe resides in the enemy scaling, lack of any relevant reward and power creep.

  4. I can't respect a reviewer that uses kunai and Bo with mag and with a week of play think s he uncover every aspect that makes wf awesome

  5. I keep looking at Waframe, but two things put me off. It never looks that good, I guess because they have to do quantity over quality, because it's so large. Secondly, in combat there's just too much stuff on screen, and it looks a cheap mess.

  6. To say nothing about the endless resource mining and expected pay to win environment… I've not felt this disappointed in a game for a long time.

  7. It’s not called repetition, it’s called grinding. Warframe is a loot RPG game, of course it’s going to have repetitive parts at times its because it’s a grinding process

  8. 3:47

    “Warframe has an active and open community to seek assistance from”

    “how do I unlock mars junction?”
    “be good”

  9. I tried this game once and got burnt out by the time I got to Uranus. I still get on a bit, but I just have no desire to actually do anything. I wish I did though.

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