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Track review 3 of 3 for the Hella Mega Tour Bands. Weezer always seem to be working on something, and now their “return to big guitar music” has delivered on it’s promise of being just that with “The End of the Game”. This is the lead single from their next album “Van Weezer”, dropping in May 2020 (why is it so far away?!)

Track Rating: 4.5/5

Thanks for watching/liking! Drop your thoughts on the new Weezer down below.

►Hear the new Weezer song!

►Thumbnails by Infinity on Hannah:

►Intro riff by Rob Scallon:

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  1. The lightning bolt strikes again! Welcome back from the weird world of The Black Album, Weezer. This is how it's done! You guys stoked for Hella Mega tour or what???

    Reviews of the other Hella Mega Tour bands:
    Fall Out Boy:
    Green Day:

  2. I want to get into weezer can Jon or any weezer fans give me songs that I should start with

  3. Of course Weedzer would release an album on 4/20

  4. Jon, is this going to make top 50 songs of the year? Where would currently rank it? 🤔

  5. This is definitely the best one I’m LIVING for those guitars 🎸

  6. review sleeping with sirens’ new album please 🙂 love the vid

  7. Let's see if they feature Van Halen members or covers on the album….hhhhhmmmmm

  8. Hey! I love your channel and really appreciate all of the work you put in to make such quality content! I was wondering if you heard the new MUNA album, Saves The World? If so, i’d love to know your thoughts ✌🏻❤️

  9. Yeah I totally didn’t get why they announced the tour just now. It’s not for another year and the tickets go on sale next week? Like who’s gonna know their plans that far in advance?

  10. FOB song: Terrible
    Green Day Song: Alright

  11. Okay so I really only like a handful of weezer tracks, they’re usually a miss or miss band for me, but god DAMN this track slaps hard

  12. This songs lyrics are pretty awful tbh

  13. I'm not a huge Weezer fan, bit listening to the track, I really enjoyed it. It has a nice 80s pop-metal vibe to it but with more modern melodies. And as someone who unironically enjoys hair metal, I like that. I don't really hear the Van Halen influence though. VH songs – especially the Roth era – are much frenetic, fast-tempoed metal-esque and tongue-in-cheek. Has more a general 80s pop rock/metal sound reminiscent of Loverboy.

    But it definitely sounds like a return to form for Weezer. And easily the best song out of three.

  14. You are the only millenial I trust in your opinion. That being said by an old Gen X guy, I can't wait for this. Kudos to your channel.

  15. Man, it's gonna be so awkward when Weezer plays El Scorcho on the tour with Green Day sitting right there.

  16. This is my favorite track of all three. I'm so excited for Van Weezer and the upcoming tour. Also, that glow in the dark vinyl is cool as hell.

  17. So I assume they’re retiring?

  18. I hope they don’t pull a Logic, like how he released COADM as a single before the album, and then the album sucked.

    I’m hyped for it though.

  19. I love Weezer no matter what. Pork and beans all day brah

  20. Just remember, Weezer also have a new Jake Sinclair-produced album also on the shelf. They may drop it as a surprise release ahead of Van Weezer like they did with The Teal Album back in January.

  21. The line, "sad like when Aslan died" is so random and so unexpected that it ends up being the best lyric of the year for me.

  22. This one was definitely my favorite song from the Hella Mega bands, it was such a banger. I've listened to it like 15 times. Also, you changed your shirt again lol, love you Jon.

  23. Easily the best “Hella Mega” song from today.

  24. In order of my level of appreciation for each bands music overall: Fall Out Boy, Weezer, Green Day

    In order of how much I liked these three tracks: Weezer, Green Day, Fall Out Boy

  25. The Film clip is actually REALLY GOOD! but as for the song itself its pretty good but more of the same of typical weezer

  26. So apparently everything WILL be alright in the end. 🤘🤘🤘🤘🤘🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁

  27. Best of the 3 new songs released today. Probably their best song since 2002. Would've fit right on The Green Album. And yeah fuck Crush. Plus, stadiums need to be booked WAY far in advance. That's why the tour was announced so soon. Plus, it's going to take a very long time for these shows to sell out if at all.

  28. "End of the Game" definitely the best song from the HellaMega announcement band singles today.

    Fall Out Boy and Green Day disappointed with their singles today.

  29. Release date could be a random date on Apple Music. The 1975s new one said next March or so but they announcing the date Friday

  30. weezers release date:may 2020

  31. Woah
    Jon quick change faster than Celine Dion

  32. Are you going to review darkside mv and i really wished i hated you by blink 182?

  33. Don’t tell me they’re doing yearly albums again…

  34. I was shocked with how good it is. And am I the only one who feels like this is an Endgame reference because of the color scheme of the album cover and the fact that the song is called “The End of the Game”?

  35. this mans rlly switched his shirt 3 times in one day

  36. Glad Rivers understood that the crowd wanted some sick ass rock music! He knows what's good!

  37. the end of the game? did you mean thunderstruck

  38. no review on post malone's new album?

  39. I’m lovin’ it too man! I’ve listened too it probably 17 times already, we might have ourselves a new Weezer classic on our hands!

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