When They See Us Netflix Review

When They See Us is out on Netflix and today, we discuss the impact.

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20 thoughts on “When They See Us Netflix Review”

  1. Watch the documentary with the actual footage. IT'S ACCURATE. You refer to them as "characters" They're people. Had the police been diligent about pursuing the TRUTH perhaps the actual rapists subsequent victims could have been spared.

  2. This is a in your face the truth about how fucked up this country is I remember when this happened I was 8 at the time but I remember this on the news and after all these years it is still painful to relieve this all over again but it just show u no matter how much time has passed no matter how far u run you can't out run the hate this country has built in it's self but to all black and brown people just know that you matter and never give up on God 😥 please God bless every one that's has gone through this and to all the guy's in the park that night I'm sorry brothers good bless you all

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