WOLCEN: LORDS OF MAYHEM BETA REVIEW | Was it worth the wait? (PART 1)

Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an ARPG Hack n Slash game releasing in 2019 and beta release date confirmed March 28th. The game resembles Path of Exile in terms of skills and abilities. This video covers BETA release date announcement, Beta Gameplay features and more!

Trello Roadmap:


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The little ARPG that could, consistent improvements have changed the grade on this one!


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0 thoughts on “WOLCEN: LORDS OF MAYHEM BETA REVIEW | Was it worth the wait? (PART 1)

  1. Hey guys!
    This is the first video of an ongoing review throughout the beta process. As things are patched in, the <VERDICT> will change. So while this covers the content available today, the whole thing is subject to change as we get more stuff. Hopefully for the better!

  2. This game went from tons of potential to worthless and less than generic. On the surface it looks vast and very creative but after getting into it, it's very very shallow.

  3. My biggest problem is accidental buys in the shop.
    I'd like an option to disable buy on click.
    That way I can browse the shop without accidental buys.

  4. Look at this very early video when it was call Umbra ; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dpQBiHuUe74 back then it look promising but today it is looking like just another generic arpg and not even a good one!

  5. Please people stop putting your face on videos since we don't care how you look and we just want to see the game on screen!

  6. the alpha version of this game is better with the story chapter 1 they should continue it again and they mess up the lightning skill at the beginning they should never change it.

  7. +Vulkan
    I got an issue when Path Of Exile players use Path Of Exile, and Diablo 3 Players use Diablo 3 player mechanics. What you said there about adding Stones into open nodes is a Path Of Exile move, and contradicts what you said about Diablo 3.
    Pros had Graphics. Did you not catch the town entry the dull, life less color. This brings me back to what Diablo 3 and Path Of Exile Did. Lighting in areas missed, and cheap sticker looks for I am a sword, axe, or anything else.
    If I had to make a bet on what Wolcen will do is Cater to both Diablo 3 players and Path Of Exile Players. Why, Because both Diablo 3 and Path Of Exile fans can not see anything outside their bubble. If I had to say something, to the effect not give Diablo 3 or Path of Exile any props. At this rate Wolcen is D3/POE.
    The beginning game play my character had hand cuffs… Why? Oh! That is right Path Of Exile starts you off that way. Blood on my screen in detail… Diablo 3. Tumble around Diablo 3/Path Of Exile.
    Smell the rose! Wolcen is taking both your ideas, and it is sad! POE is a poor excuse for a game, and the same for Diablo 3. How many years do we need to continue predestined characters? A lot of ARPG ( Action Role Play Games) games follow this garbage day in and day out. You want long real life 10 year grinds going nowhere be my guest D3 and POE Players. POE players are just the D2 (Diablo 2) lot that hated D3. It is just awful this is a catering war against D3, D2, POE, and I am sure no one else. I have bought into D3, D2, and POE. I have to say no one is doing any good. You love cheesy at of Diablo 3, Diablo 2, or Path Of Exile your setting the grounds for Diablo 4 to break the norms again. If I had to listen to you as the developer of Wolcen I would be catering to all those request. Because that is where I am going to find the balance for my game. Have fun is what Wolcen said , and frankly some of use are not looking hard enough. Wolcen Studio needs to hear about the are being bad. As far as I can tell this catering business needs to stop. Wolcen had their ideas, and D3, D2, or POE ideas need to be the last thing on the list. It is time you gave Wolcen what your not looking for, or other wise your going to hate this game soon.

  8. Can't watch the video with that noise in the background (yes, I'm referring to the choice of music when reviewing this type of game).

  9. Having to relevel during beta to try out things is a hazzle, but on release you cant have that option to be so casual without a cost of significance.
    Gold/currency, a major flaw in since Diablo 1 that led to almost no utility, Diablo 3 tried with crafting, but never learned the value of indepth crafting from Path of Exile .
    If you want to build around ailments you should have the tree to offer ways to improve it not just get some for free you stumble into on the tree.
    The "runes" or upgrades to an ability isnt all that bad, in Diablo 3 it sucked, low amount of skills low amount of ways to alter it, combine that with only running set items its stale and slobby. Compare that again to PoE you have a 6linked item, most of them are dmg with mostly no downsides, a few to help apply better AoE and nieche other things to make the skill function.. honestly not very exciting but it works.
    This ends up with being a question of dmg and weapon of choise, they need to dig deeper. This is where uniques, skilltree and runes should make you think twice on how to you want to make it flow.
    When i first saw this game using potion system from PoE having a passive dodge move as your movement skill to put everyone in the same boat to give no advantage to ranged more than melee seemed fantastic and interesting as it cant be spammed. Monsters using abilities you kinda had to dodge seemed great ! If they could land the bossfights like Diablo 3 it would roll into a game of its own. PoE, GrimDawn, neither of them can say they did bossfights well or eventful.. Diablo 3 atleast did that job very well, im guessing they had alot of practice with WoW.
    For now the game is retreating from being competitive to other arpgs by going for a comforting Diablo 3 sale that dies off quickly just to get their capital back. Theres plenty of easy games outthere, we dont need another one.

  10. 3:00 ish. Yeah I agree, an example that I just thought would be a "perk" from the Assassin node or something like that. Like each time you kill an enemy from behind you gain a buff that gives you decreased visibility, increased damage (40-80%?) and increased movement speed for 10 seconds. That's a different playstyle

  11. Wolcen Lords of Mayhem when i first played it, it was free roam, now
    they made it into stages, not able to free explore anymore. They changed
    the whole concept of the game

  12. ok just downloaded and played this. This is not the game I remember. Nothing like it in fact. I am not saying it is a bad, a little bit like Diablo III and POE… in fact a lot like them. Will probably play more and see how it goes and where they go with it. Not sure yet. Will be an addition to what I play. Now, I support early access games on steam because you never know which games will work out, and I like to give them a chance. I was vastly rewarded with Grim dawn which went from somewhat confusing to one of my favorite games, so I will keep an eye on this.

  13. Had hopes for this game, but seems less good the more i hear..:)
    One thing i really love with Grim Dawn…how you can pick your char and test skills..

  14. Your only positives are good graphics and mmo-style mechanics (that have been around for over 20 years) in an isometric game? That warrants a C+?

  15. The beta was pretty underwhelming I think because they capped it at 20, the active skills where capped at only 4 "runes", when most had a total of 20-25 I believe, and I think you could have 4 at max level? Although it was targeted like they said. It looks great though, the graphics and animations look nice, just have to wait for them to finish the game and see everything. Although the passive tree still bugs me, If they want it keep in that size/node way, they have the unfinished third ring yeah, but if that's how they want it they need to add a fourth ring, maybe with some very impactful skills, active ones maybe too, that cant be connected from the sides of the 4th ring, so you have to commit to one. If they don't its going to be very cookie cutter, and that's not good. I have good hopes those, seeing the graphics and animations means they have a lot done, they just need to wrap up the beta, complete the game, and hope it has some good end game content. ( Although it looks like bounties and greater rifts from the beta test, which is fine, I hope this game has a really good crafting system, and not set based end game, or its a straight up D3 clone with better graphics)

  16. The problem here is that what you see here is not the BETA, it's a Beta Gameplay release. It has Nothing to do with the beta since the alpha's content is not even there. THe story mode is not here, the housing neither… You cant really review this, it's a tool for the devs to test multiplayer and end game content like expeditions.

  17. The best node/skill tree is in Grim Dawn's Devotion tree, it has incremental upgrades and actual triggerable skills that you can put on other skills like on hit effects ect

  18. I might be wrong but isn't Wolcen the arpg that told us that we could become anything that we wanted for a build? Like I never played the alpha but it seems that, after a good look at the alpha tree, they removed alot of possibilities. I jjust want to dual wield shields and shield slam all the mobs and rush them like a madman. Also where's all the spells?

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