49ers vs Redskins Week 7 2019 Review | Week 8 vs Panthers Game Preview

As the 2019 season approaches the halfway point the #49ers have established themselves as one of the league elite defensively. San Francisco has the 2nd best defensive unit in the NFL through week 7.
With the sudden addition of Emmanuel Sanders the Niners may have just added a high level talent that could ignite the offense to the next level.
Today Niner faithful and well known call in guest Shey Lewis joins Ronbo Sports and shares his thoughts on several aspects that are impacting the Niners current success as well as what to expect vs the #Panthers. Among some of the subjects discussed in this installment will include:

1. Through six games, the 49ers rank 25th in the league in passing offense, averaging 214.5 yards per game. But the 49ers also lead the west in rushing, and no.2 in the NFL. With the addition of Emmanuel Sanders will the 49ers lean more on toward the passing game?

2. One theory rolling is that the 49ers may trade their 1st round draft pick to regain the 3rd & 4th round pick that they used to attain Sanders. What are the chances of that?

3. What can be expected in this Sunday’s game vs the Panthers?

All of the aforementioned, and much more in this 4th NFL week of October on the “Ronbo Sports Weekly”

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33 thoughts on “49ers vs Redskins Week 7 2019 Review | Week 8 vs Panthers Game Preview”

  1. EMan2 and FlashG88dwin on the field together? At the same time!? Then Kittle, plus our run game! Backed up by our defense!? This team don't got too many more holes to fill, Fam….

  2. Blair I think Blair is great in gap situations with the opposing teams running game. I think our running defense goes up when he's in the game. That's my opinion anyway.

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