5 thoughts on “Avalanche Review Game 11: Ducks 5, Avs 2, Fail except Cale”

  1. Your review confirmed my main impressions/takeaways (listening on radio): 1) Just didn't have it from puck-drop — playing in syrup 2) weak night for top line — see next point 3) what's up with Landeskog?, and 4) Makar (by far) the one major bright spot. This game felt like the St. Louis slog in a week where we went 1-2-0. 🙁

  2. Watch Eric Johnson's "defense" on the first two Anaheim goals…Mr. Minus showing his overrated-ness in full colors tonight.

  3. It's not fair to put this on the kid, but Makar looks like he has Bobby Orr potential. By the end of the year we may be debating who the best player on the team is. What a great time to be an Avs fan. But if the team can't figure out how to reduce the defensive zone turnovers then it won't matter, you can't win in the playoffs when you gift the other team that many chances.

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