Balk Review with the Game Boy Geek

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My review of this simple game of complex strategy where you’re trying to win point cards by playing the highest number. But everyone has open info as to which cards people have played, or not, and which point cards are still to come!

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2 thoughts on “Balk Review with the Game Boy Geek”

  1. I feel the advanced variant to this game being very similar to Eggs & Empires: each player having cards ranked 1-10, several cards having special powers or notes, players have up to three cards in hand, players gain good or exploding eggs with earlier picks given to highest ranked cards, ties broken by wherever the egg tiebreaker token is, etc. etc.
    I'd rather stick with E&E, but thanks for the review!

  2. This is a "simplified" Alex Randolph's Raj, which has the Las Vegas rule you mention, in addition to negative point cards. Raj is currently available in the US as "What the Heck?" and in Germany as "Hol's der Geier".

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