21 thoughts on “Batman™: Gotham City Chronicles – Shut Up & Sit Down Review

  1. So … you guys play a metric ton of games and … you didn't enjoy this game? I don't even play close to the amount of different games and game mechanics as you guys have (and would never be able to!), and I can win these scenarios rather easily … Were you looking for a basic beat 'me up? If you don't mind the comparison, it's as if this game is basically Rainbow Six: Siege when most people are expecting to run around in circles in Call of Duty. This game is so smart and precisely executed that I canNOT understand how you didn't feel immediately pulled in to the lore and atmosphere! By the way, THOSE EXPANSIONS ARE INCREDIBLE! Wayne Manor alone completely explodes the entire gameplay experience adding so many more rooms and tactical options … what games did you guys like? I LOVED the objective design! What am I watching?!?

  2. sacrificing what you want to do in order to win… sounds a lot like the dynamic of andor that i hated. just glad i only wasted 30€, not 300! 😮

  3. This game seems so packed with stuff that Fantasy Flight must be going like: "Woouw! That's a lot of content right there!"

  4. I think the modern board games designers must take a step or two back in the way they make all those games with sooooo many tiles and pieces and tokens and things that will need table bigger than my bedroom to put on and about 1-1:30 hours to set up and put back in the box.
    There are games I don’t play because of that reason. …
    And don't let me start about rule books that are so big I need a few days to read and have to search all the time during play.
    Games prices are to high for reasons like those.
    I don't need tokens and tiles. I need more scenarios and more maps with randomising mechanisms for maximum replayability.

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