Black Spot Season 2 Review – French Netflix Review

This is the BLACK SPOT SEASON 2 REVIEW – FRENCH NETFLIX REVIEW. This is The Reykjavik Review for French netflix series BLACK SPOT (Zone Blanche) season two.
This Blackspot Review was made without spoilers for Blackspot series 2, but it may contain some for Season 1. This is somewhat of an entire Blackspot Series Review or you might call it a Blackspot season review, though it is of course specifically a Blackspot series 2 review (Blackspot season two review).

French Netflix Blackspot is obviously in French, though it was actually a co-operation of France and Belgium. So this is a dark French series by Mathieu Missoffe, starring Suliane Brahim.

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9 thoughts on “Black Spot Season 2 Review – French Netflix Review”

  1. Damn, this video has six comments and eight likes for only 249 views! That is actually incredibly dense engagement, meaning everyone who sees this watches and connects with it.

  2. Amazing channel! neat edition and great speech. I think you'll be very successful very soon if you keep on going like that.

  3. I finished watching both seasons yesterday. I was totally blown away! I loved The character development, cinematography and music. Sirriani, the attorney is my fav character.

  4. Agree 90%. Hard to say anything without spoilers… but (!) I thought it kind of fell apart in the final episode… a couple of important twists/developments that didn't work at all IMHO. Can't wait for Trapped to show up in the States. Cheers!

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