20 thoughts on “Borderlands 3 Review – Is it worth a buy?”

  1. Such a waste. Idk where the art direction went with this series, other than in the bog. BL & BL2 looked cool – the art and design really drew me in – but this…ugh. 😑

  2. I know the feeling of comparing every minute detail of guns and selling them and all that, but I found that only a few people are like that. I still wish developers would cater to us a bit more though. The "compare" button is gone (it was there in previous games ffs), the "sell all non-favorites" button is gone from vendors, the size of the player stash is pitiful, and I won't even start on maybe taking a leaf from Torchlight's book where we had a pet follow us around who carried vendor fodder and even ran back to town for us to sell shit off

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