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Welcome to the Channel Shoutout and Channel Reviews

RULES /How to Play: To Play a game for a chance to be shouted out!!!! Drew will say the Magic word and type in all caps the magic word and the count will be taken drew ask to guess a number, type your answer in the chat once as soon as possible. First person to enter in the correct answer wins a spot.

One entry per person! Spamming will be rewarded with a timeout! Self promoting will result in a block, Ban.

Hey I’m Drew. Your local daily content provider. Yes I produce content daily.
If your just starting out or looking to improve your channels rankings then
mash that Red button because, I not only will help you with general tips
and ways to get viewers to watch your channel. I just may review your channel
or shoutout it out live.

Stay Positive and remember, the only way you can fail at youtube is by not releasing content.

Welcome to the live stream please Like and Comment and if you are looking to improve and or increase your youtube channel view, comment, like and search then mash that subscribe button.
Please Don’t Subscribe to my Channel, if the only reason you subscribed to my channel, was for the expectation of a sub in return. Feel free to un-sub nothing personal and I wish you the best, stay Positive in your YouTube journey. My prime interest is in building Active Subscribers those who engage the chat positively and leave constructive comments and those that are actually interested looking to improve their channel watch and Subscriber rate and having a successful channel on YouTube.

Stream and Channel facts:
This stream does not condone and or endorse the practice of Sub-for-sub or Sub*Swaping
by doing so in the chat will result in a direct Ban.
Spamming the Chat or being disruptive during the stream will result in a Ban.
Any Stream sniping will result in a Ban, Raciest comments and or harassment will result in a ban.

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