Controversial 🎃 Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 Release and 🧛 Nvidia Shield Gaming Edition Review

The Nvidia Shield TV Box has been missing from my ranking chart for a long time and it has been causing quite a stir on my channel among those users that believe it is the only TV box in the world that is worth buying. I had opposed that notion debating at times with some of my viewers that the Nvidia Shield is a great box, but it’s not the total package for every user. In this, I set out to prove just that and at the same time giving credit where it is due to the Nvidia Shield.
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CPU – Tegra X1 octa-core 2 cores 2.0GHz
GPU – Nvidia Graphics
ROM – 16GB
WIFI – Dual Band 2.4GHz + 5.8GHz
Bluetooth – 4.1
LAN – 1000Mbps


1 HDMI 2.0b with HDCP 2.2
2 USB 3.0
1 GB Ethernet LAN


Android 9 TV OS Fully certified
Netflix in HD/4K
YouTube Android TV in 4K
Good 4K video playback at 69hz
Dolby audio and DTS audio passthrough
Nvidia game library
High benchmark scores
Best 3D gaming
Shield gamepad included
Wireless Bluetooth remote
Google assistant


Antutu – 222,556
Geekbench 4 – 1450 single-core 4164 multicore
Ice Storm extreme – MAX
Slingshot – 3,744
RAM copy speed – 7,810

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20 thoughts on “Controversial 🎃 Nvidia Shield Pro 2019 Release and 🧛 Nvidia Shield Gaming Edition Review”

  1. Hi and nice review! Finally a real beast Android TV for all purposes.Now I must say something to you and your audience:First thing the storage can be expanded via USB stick or USB drive ssd or micro SD with USB adapter, because Nvidia have two USB 3 high speed.Next I want to talk about the games:You have shown only your games,and those are ok but you can play triple A games on Nvidia for free.I have Nvidia account and I've played Tomb raider and Borderlands for free and those games are the same games which are currently running on PS4 or Xbox one,and the quality is perfect no difference.But this are not the only free games that you can play on Nvidia and all you have to do is making an account which is free.Also you can play games from Android play store and I've played a particular game which works only on Nvidia shield.That is Doom 3 remastered and all Half life series.If you just want a TV box for Netflix and other apps for movie then I recommend fire TV stick 4k which I currently using.On fire TV you can also sideload all the apps and can also okay some lite games,and is also cheap.About the remote on both Nvidia and fire TV I can't complain because I can't use air mouse because I don't feel the need.I had Minix the latest model uh9 if I remember correctly and I must say the air mouse has working horrible and many more issue I found over the time in all the cheap Chinese TV boxes ex except one ore two which are beelik with mobile Android.There is also a cheap TV box with Android TV os Xiaomi tv box.In my opinion overall the best boxes with Android are Nvidia shield,fire TV and beelik with Android mobile.

  2. There is no best android tv box….still boils down to the end user …Nvidia Shield Tv is good but is it for everyone no it is not

  3. Hello! As always a really nice and thorough review. I love your honest opinion and how you show the pros and cons so consumers can make better purchase decisions. You have the same concerns with this box as I do. Love what's under the hood, but as a pure Android user, the navigation and status bars are a must. I recently purchased a Samsung smart tv, so that has become my main source for streaming, but I still love to able to use other third party applications I can't get on my TV. Being able to have the the full Google Play store is essential, and the limitations with this box in that regard is definitely a drawback. Hopefully we'll get to see a review of the a95x max plus soon. I think I'm just really waiting for that. The specs look great, a bit high on price, but I think it could be a good investment, given the capabilities. I also understand a major con for that type of box is the support/updates, which is a big plus for the Shield. Cheers!

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