Dandy Dungeon (Nintendo Switch) – The Real Story of Onion Games

My early review of Dandy Dungeon, releasing 06/27 for Nintendo Switch! This is the story of my favorite title (after Chulip) from my favorite developer, Onion Games. They were kind enough to provide me with my first free press copy of a game ever.

Dandy Dungeon is surreal in how crazy it is- it’s got some of the funniest dialogue and ridiculous scenarios imaginable, as one of the first games to truly surprise me in a long time. I’ve slain all monsters and collected every available armor set (so far) to fully complete the game- these are my honest thoughts after almost 60 hours of gameplay!


“Behind the Scenes at the ‘Million Onion Hotel'” – Full 60 Minute Talk, Game Developers Conference 2018
“An Interview with Yoshiro Kimura from Onion Games, Part One” – Shaun Musgrave, TouchArcade

Footage @ 0:40 is from short film “toco toco – Yoshiro Kimura, Game Creator” by Archipel on YouTube

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