Dawn Phenomenon: High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels On Keto & IF

Dawn Phenomenon: High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels On Keto & IF. What is dawn phenomenon and somogyi effect? People ask why is my blood sugar high in the morning especially people with diabetes and insulin resistance? Why the high blood sugar levels even while eating low carb, keto or intermittent fasting, but this seems like it shouldn’t be happening since blood sugar levels are low while eating low carbohydrates. The dawn phenomenon, also called the dawn effect, is something a lot of diabetes experience where their morning fasting blood sugar go to high levels. You will learn why it happens and why you can still have this happen after you start lowing your blood sugar levels with diet.



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36 thoughts on “Dawn Phenomenon: High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels On Keto & IF

  1. Learn more about reversing insulin resistance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DU84RvE568k&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR7IW2i9shjLQrkYEZP-gZ_z plus keto and intermittent fasting https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykPdkd5ALGc&list=PLpTTF6wMDLR6589-_IGStaHxj6a-BP8iY

  2. Hi Thanks for the great explanation. I have regulated my for the most part I am a 58 yr old T 2 diabetic.1218 my A1C was 12.5 By 7/19 it was 6.5. I had to adjust my Thyroid meds as my metabolism was racing. and my day to day levels were bet 85- 110. In the last 2 weeks it has risen to 110 – 140. I am eating the same fasting the same I can't figure it out. Just wondering if this is just a cycle I am going thru. It is so frustrating when you are doing everything to keep blood sugar low. Also do you have any info on Menopause and IR. Thanks

  3. Thank you very much Dr. Ekberg for this Video. You'r such a good teacher! What do you think about beeing on keto for longer times; is it dangerous? I'm on keto for 2,5 years because it helps against my chronic Migraine. Many people out there are warning me for too long being on keto, cause I could get a "physically insuline-resistence (in Germany we call it so)". This means, the Body can't produce enough insulin in time, if I eat carbs again. Is this correct? I can't believe it. Hope you will answer me. Greets from Germany, by Ingrid

  4. I really appreciate how well you explain things. Thanks for putting my mind at ease, I've been doing Keto with intermittent fasting for over a month. I had bloodwork done and was really surprised that my fasting glucose was above normal since I avoid sugar.

  5. How long does it take on Carnivore IF to no longer be insulin resistant, or are you insulin resistant forever?

  6. Hello Dr. I just saw this video and it was a god send… I started intermittent fasting last week and I did 8 straight days of 16/8 fasting. My eating window was usually between 1pm in the day to 8pm at night and I would eat my first meal at 1pm and a second lighter meal between 6-7pm…. I started feeling great, energised, spritely and confident added to which I hadn't taken any meds…. Then In the past three days after fasting for over a week, I noticed that my fasting blood glucose level readings were between 139 – 142…prior to IF my readings were between 98 to 115 fasted readings…. I panicked and I stopped the IF, thinking that I was doing something wrong or that it wasn't agreeing with me… I started back on diamicron thinking that I needed to get it back down… I was frustrated for the past couple of days and now your video appears in my recommendations…. I'm so relieved now… Thank you so much Dr for your edification. I'll be getting back on my IF immediately and I will also be coming off the diamicron meds… I was confused because the way I was feeling was not lining up with the readings I was seeing on the glucose meter… New Subscriber here.

  7. Great video.
    My question is will the body eventually adapt and release insulin when you say it's "not in alarm mode"
    I fast from 6pm-12noon. (18/6).
    I wake up with a Blood sugar of 98. By 10am it's up to 120 still fasting. Then i eat lunch and it drops..
    Keto diet.
    Will my numbers eventually stay low through my body adapting?

  8. I wonder if LCHF has an effect on glucose tolerance test. I Just had one done and 1hr mark my bg was 160 and the 2hr mark was 148 so doc says I'm pre diabetic. Blood results have been normal until I started keto 1yr ago.

  9. I’m 49 and my glucose level was 3.9 this morning, I had the bad shakes so I had 1 teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar in water, it went to 4.9 in just two minutes. I self test my blood sugar even though I’m not diagnosed with diabetes. If I fast and only eat two meals a day incorporating lots of real butter and avoid bread and eat natural fats I’m fine.

  10. Thank you so much. That was the best explanation of the Dawn Phenomenon I’ve ever seen. Makes good sense now. I am exactly the type 2 diabetic you describe in this video.

  11. I'm IF but not keto or low carb. Glucose higher in the morning vs post dinner meal. 118 vs 107. Never ever had glucose issues ever. Should I cut back on IF?

  12. I am on day 10 of a keto/intermittent fasting diet. I am graphing my BS and making notes of when I eat and how I feel (hungry, headaches etc). Thanks for explaining this! My BS have all been below 120 to 90 except in the mornings where it can shoot up to 135. It seems to be lowering with time, but I am curious if it will ever stabilize under 110?

  13. Thank you for the explanation. Been working with Dr. Eric Westman at the HEAL Clinic. I followed the Keto Diet, kept my carbs under 20 carbs per day. Lowered my a1C from 8.3 to 6.4 in 10 weeks. Then introduced Intermittent Fasting, in addition to Keto. In 6 months lowered my glucose to under 100. Received permission from the doctor to stop MetFormin ER. After researching how MetFormin worked, I knew I wanted to stop. I did, my glucose rose to 160 in three days. Applied the tools I learned, lowered it to 130 in 3 hours. Two months after stopping MetFormin I experienced Keto Clarity. Then four months after stopping Metformin my anxiety/panic attacks I had for 30 years disappeared. Glucose was coming down to 100. Then the Dawn Effect kicks is, my fasting blood sugar is higher. Went from 120 at midnight to 147 at 9 AM. Tried drinking 1/2 glass wine at bedtime. This lowered my fasting blood sugar to 130, but my triglycerides jumped 1,100 units. Then the HEAL Clinic shuts down suddenly. I contemplated going back on the MetFormin. But I did not want to lose the memory gains I received nor the return of anxiety. Been dumbfounded as to my course of action. This video is a blessing. Thank you for making it. I am now a subscriber. I now know to keep doing, to get my blood to return to insulin sensitivity will take time.

  14. I have asked that question a hundred times to doctors .not one person has ever given me the answer .now at last I know .thank you so much .of all the things and people I’ve watched you are without doubt the best by far .god bless you sir .tom

  15. I'm pretty sure my MD doesn't understand the graph on the right, based on what he has said to me in the past. This is my situation exactly. I asked him about dawn phenomenon, which he clearly knew about and understands, then I mentioned to him that my blood sugar likes to be about 115 all the time, usually dropping by bed time. He was concerned with my high morning blood sugar of 115-ish, but never did any after meal follow-up tests to really see what was going on. He did do an A1C test initially that turned out borderline. I got a blood sugar meter and did more experimentation myself. I have the exact same morning blood sugar situation now (near my ideal weight), as when I was in the obese category. Except with less food input and greatly fewer simple carbs, my average blood sugar and A1C is lower. No surprise. His answer for my continuing high morning blood sugar was… cricket, cricket. Thanks for the explanation Dr. Ekberg! I'm still pursuing more improvements to get my A1C even lower.

  16. This was so helpful, very easy to understand! I'm not worried any more. My morning readings are usually 95-105. I don't eat breakfast. I'm usually in the mid 80's by the time I eat lunch. I'm not losing any weight and keep thinking weight won't drop till my glucose goes lower. I'm eating 10-15 carbs a day. I'm very insulin resistant plus, I'm 70 and always been 20-30+ overweight since I was 10.

  17. Very good video! I am type 2 diabetic and I have been doing doing IF (OMAD) and Keto for the past 2 weeks (was on keto for the past 6 months). I am always concerned that my blood sugar is pretty high in the morning (often around 12 mmol/L or 216 mg/dl. However, my Ketones are also pretty good (between 1 and 3) so I didn't know what to make of that and if I should inject insulin. Your explanation reassured me that I may be ok, which matches how I feel (normally at high glucose I feel tired but now its all the reverse). As a side note, I use to have a very bad diet with a lot of alcohol. Therefore I guess my liver has a TON of reserves that need to be used slowly but surely…

  18. I'm one of this "lucky -.-" Persons, who made his doc confused xD When i get my yearly blood check , i always have a higher bloodsugarlevel (not much, it should be under 100 and i got always around 104). I had to do an oral sugar test and a (dont know the english name for it) long term sugar test. Its was all fine. So he looked some things up and told me, that i must have been so unlucky, that my "peak" is always around the same time and so always when i get my blood checked (its always between 7 and 7.30 a.m). I was so releaved to not have real problems with sugar.

  19. There was this type 1 DM guy that ate 3 strict keto meals for a day and with breakfast and lunch, his bs rose; with dinner, it was better (lower). Could please make a video on Type 1 and keto?

  20. I am on Keto. Was doing 16/8 fasting. My blood sugar kept rising up until I ate at about 1 pm, even though I hadn’t eaten anything. Very frustrating. During the day, I have no real increase in blood sugar it’s meals.

  21. Absolutely fascinating ! As a fellow academic I guess you can agree that the discovery of personal ignorance in a particular field can be one of the most exciting things to be happening to an inuring mind. More to discover, more chances to understand the world and how it works, and is this case, how we work. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing your expertise !

  22. I try 72h water fast and my blood glucose drop to 3.6mmol (66mgdl) at 60h fasting.. is it normal or I am in trouble?

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